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The Princes' motorbike trek

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Morbo28, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. And I thought Ewan and Charlie had more support than your average bike trekkers - can you imagine the security entourage that will be travelling with these guys?!?! :shock:

    And PS I think they meant to compare it with Long Way Down ... not Long Way Round...but anyway :LOL:



  2. perhaps they will have an RAF chinook helicopter to follow them for the entire trek incase they get into a spot of bother..
  3. I hope those 200cc bikes are 2t or something otherwise in africa they'll find themselves in some spots of bother. Then again they'll have the worlds biggest group of groupies following them around making sure everything is a-ok.
  4. It says the trek is going to take them a week. Long Way Down took a hell of a lot longer than that! (And they spent the first half of the trip complaining about the pace they had set for themselves...)

    I wonder how much country they are actually going to cover.

    And whether there will be a docco made about it... ;)
  5. I promote myself to King of Australia, now give me tax money and something better then a 200c so i can go for a trip :)
    ... I'll do it for the endanged rodents of Oz \:D/
  6. Lucky boys! I wanna go back to Africa. Will be interesting to see if they actually end up going through with it.

    There were talks about this back in Feb but they called it off as it was going to be too much of a security risk and expected to cost over 100,000 British pounds!! :shock:

    If I were them I would have flown into South Africa done my little 1600km trip and left after the week (and donated the UKP 100 000 to charity!) instead of telling everyone in the world their plans. The majority of people in Africa wouldn't even have a clue who they were :p