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The Pressure of Power

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by tmg, May 17, 2006.

  1. Okay, this is a bit of a whine, but those in my position will understand.

    I am one of those people who respect everyone else as much as I can and never try to give them crap about what they do, or like or anything like that.

    I own a Ford Laser (1st gen), and my Brother in Law and another mate of mine own Silvias. In the time I have had my Laser, my mate's had a Sigma, Swift and now the Silvia, and my brother in law has had a pulsar and now a silvia.

    Thing is that whenever they're together and I am hanging out with them they give me shit about my car and that it hasn't got enough power and it's not rear wheel drive and I can't drift and all that and that I should dump it and buy a Silvia too...

    A nice thought yes but with no job and f@#k all finances it's not happinin anytime soon.

    I want to have the kind of power (horsepower), that these guys have, but Silvias are too friggin common and I want something a bit more compact.

    A bike is the only answer now and that is cemented due to that I only commute by myself 99.9% of the time and I wanna give my mates ego a smack in the guts when I beat him off the line in a drag.

    Has anyone else experienced this? All I want is respect from my mates but I got no idea how to go about getting it.
  2. don't worry about them....

    bet your Laser uses less fuel than their Silvia??

    My persona; solution is that they can say what they want.. just do what you want.

    big HP = low economy..... usually.

    Why not just get a good solid decent car (when you can) i never understood the whole.. must have more HP thing..... unless your gonna race it of course. Speed limits kinda mean you can only go so fast before attracting unwanted attention...... why pay all that $ for Hp you don't use? and drifting???? do you plan on being that far out of control??
  3. Respect yourself first and foremost, trying to buy respect buy the clothes you wear, the car you drive, where you live etc etc is a very slippery slope to play on. :roll:

    Dude you have to earn respect, and think about what you respect in other people and try and emulate. If your mates still give you crap piss em off they don't deserve hanging out with you.

    Me I respect people who give it go, want the world to be a better place because they are in it, people who don't take crap, but also don't start fights over stupid things. So work out want you want to be and be that.

    Oh and Silvias are bloody stupid cars, get yourself a big V8 1970's Holden, thats respekt man :p
  4. [-o< [-o< please be joking please be joking

    if you are only getting a bike to beat your mates car, then i'm gonna say you are in it for all the wrong reasons.

    your mates will still give you shit. about getting wet when it rains, about taking 20 minutes to get ready to go (putting on equipment)
    about putting yourself into a railing coz you pushed so hard just to impress them.... and so many other things.

  5. Sounds like your mates are cockheads.
    My mates have REAL performance cars, R34 GTRs, 6 litre Maloos and Clubsports, Porsche 911 Turbos for example and would never pick on someone based on the car they drive.
    Bragging about a shitbox Silvia only shows how much of a tool they are. I'd be ashamed to own one of those cheap imports.
  6. just by a nice turbo FC rx7.. or even a 1st gen rx7 with a 13bt EP rebuild in it... and then the silvia wont touch the sides as u swallow them whole in ur rotalicious glory of brappability!

    yes ima rota head... silvia cant touch a good rotor ;)
  7. If you can only get respect from your mates by being just like them, and they don't respect you because you're not, then it's time to dump them and get some decent mates....
  8. Erm...forget about buying a bike just so that you can be faster than those two dickeads. They are driving piddly little cars anyway, and being faster than them is hardly anything you'd want to brag about...

    Tell them straight out that you are sick and tired of their ragging on you about your car if that really bothers you...otherwise just sit there when they start up and smile like you know something that they don't know, and they'll soon start to wonder...

    If you want a bike for a legitimate reason, then go right ahead, but look closely at your motives for buying one.
  9. It's not the clothes that make the man, it's the handshake.
  10. You can laugh at him when you go and fill up for petrol
  11. Youre buying a bike for all of the wrong reasons. Admittedly, everything you wanna do on the bike is o.k, we all have a red light drag now and then, but there is so much more involved. I suggest you wait till youre 30 and then think again about buying one. would hate to see you be a statistic.
  12. Um isn't "Silvia" a girls name??? :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. no your thinking tula :grin:
  14. I think you should save up enough for a good motorcycle, and then spend it on surgery to increase your penis to a frightening and unneccessary size.
  15. I agree with this mate. If your mates are the only reason you want a bike then thats not a good one. If they are just your means to an end then go for it but only buy one if you want it for yourself. You dont need a 600 mate a decent 250 or an old 400 of some sort will do most cars unless they are really hotted up (like 10-20 grands worth) and would be a sh1t load better for your first bike :cool:
  16. Could be worse - could have been a Nissan Cedric :LOL: :LOL:

    Anyway - Sigma? Swift? Pulsar? They seem to like owning sh1tboxes - all they've done is get a faster sh1tbox :roll:

    I wouldn't worry too much. If all you want is straightline performance to blow them away off the lights then get an old GPZ1000 Kwaka or similar for less than 2 grand. It'll beat anything they can afford in a straight line.
    ( sub 11 second 1/4 mile and 250+ top speed.)

    You'll probably kill yourself on it but at least you'll die laughing. :LOL:
  17. Clip clop , clip clop "whos that walking over my bridge.?"
  18. I wouldn't worry about what your mates think, the Silvia is just the car equivalent of a CBR250RR (overpriced and not as fast as their owners think they are :LOL:). Anyone prepared to pay large sums of cash for a 15 year old import that's virtually worthless in it's country of origin isn't worth worrying about.
  19. I would not be buying a bike for the pure fact that you want to race them, btw, your HP will still be less than theirs LOL, but your power to wieght will be the only differnce... Plus... if all you want to do is ride stupid to impress them, you will end up in a box. :(
  20. :jerk: :jerk: thats about all Ill say about that one, or maybe waste of space

    We all went through the not enough horsepower stage guess some of us where a bit smarter than others and before you go calling me a wimp I will add I had a mazda rx4 that did low 10s and a 21 foot racing boat with a 540 cubic inch pumping out nearly 1600 horsepower on methanol. So I know all about horsepower but I also knew what I was doing before I used it :wink: