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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by es, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. Well, I lost track of time at work today and stayed back late. I was having so much fun I didn't notice the time flying past...

    So Im working in the IT office at a high school. Today... searching through some files on the curriculum drive and see one called "condition zero"

    Im like "WTF, playing counterstrike was definetly not part of my school education..." and decided Id do a search through a few drives to see what other games came up... Quite a few, seems the kids had found some way (we still arent quite sure how) to get around the permissions and managed to get full access to the folders. But thats not really what Im posting about, I am posting about the power!

    Im sitting there today, banning students favorite websites, deleting games folders.. when I think to myself "hey this is a nice feeling... power... hummm... this feels so good... is this WRONG??"

    Is power tripping wrong? Im not doing it for the expressions on their faces I swear ;)

    P.S. I didnt delete the CS folder... just restricted it so only I could access it ;) hehe

    You have been warned! :grin:
  3. I'm sure they'll just get around it again - nothing gets between a geek and their videogames :LOL:.
  4. u got al the power in the world babez :wink: work it an work it hard.
    but honestly u really should get that tail pipe looked at and ur oils need to be checked and things like that :wink: then u will have more power in the sexy gpx :grin:
  5. thats not the point... its just a game really ;) If they didnt I would be out of a job almost!
  6. Yeah, that and creating topics in CAPS .. :twisted:
  7. In that case just put some stuff on their yourself every now and then and claim the students did it - damn kids and their clown p0rn :LOL:.
  8. but its only one word and its used for emphasis not irritation....?
  9. actually I banned a kid today for having (soft) p0rn in his personal folder. That was a cool feeling hehe
  10. hahaha
    will second that notion..... give her the hand of power and she will unstopable...... :wink:

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    though i have to admit es is a nice person :wink:
  11. wow these kids are getting super smart...
    i can even download file to watch from netrider let alone download soft p0rn
    i should go back to school :LOL: :LOL:
  12. [/quote]actually I banned a kid today for having (soft) p0rn in his personal folder. [/quote]

    now that's just plain mean.
  13. yeah the moderating is pretty lax. My old school, you look at p0rn at school, you get banned for the rest of the year, your parents get called in for a formal interview and you have to talk to your parents & yr lvl co ordinator about why you did it and you get suspended for a couple of days haha

    I was never banned from net access at school ;)

    xoraak, its in the school regualtion. No pornagraphic material whatsoever or you are banned and a formal interview with your yr lvl co ordinator is required.
  14. actually I banned a kid today for having (soft) p0rn in his personal folder. [/quote]

    now that's just plain mean.[/quote]

    i agree with that!!!!!!
  15. What would I have got for smoking the ganja herb :p
  16. expulsion :(
  17. well at our school some kids got busted....
    and all they got was a detention.... they also did tell me later that the teacher took the canabis and they never saw it again lol
    no wasnt me ok
  18. way too harsh!!!

    Would the schools prefer the little hormonal 14 year olds to satisfy their curiosity in the safety of a computer room, or bonk each other behind the gym at lunch time?! :p
  19. must be private school?
  20. lol Kishy, you would have been best friends with the art teacher..hahahaha.
    But as for the power! You go eswen, yield to no-one :)