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The power of the internet.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by typhoon, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. Owning old/odd cars and bikes, I know about sourcing parts.
    Teh internet, and particularly Ebay, always amazes me!
    I am putting a KLR together (it had an engine failure) and the local wreckers are frankly out of touch with the world. They typically wanted $200-250 for an engine case, a case that is in very low demand. So, after a month or so of searching, a case came up on Ebay US. Total cost delivered to my door, $65 Aud!
    Same with balancer chain parts. I got everything from teh case out (sprockets, chain, chain guides, bolts) for $100Aud to my door.
    What is the point of carrying stock at a wreckers, if you are charging so much, it never moves?

    So, if you need something unusual, just be patient and keep searching is my advice, it always works eventually.

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. I've found some wreckers to be good if you ask them for the "cash price" :wink: .
    Although I am amazed by how out of touch some parts suppliers can be. I remember once ordering a part for an Alfa Romeo from a local place. When it came in not only had the price more than tripled from what they originally quoted (from around 30 bucks to more than 100), but it was for the wrong model (even though I was very, very specific). They then had the nerve to try and refuse to return my deposit until I threatened to report them and take legal action (may have only been 20 bucks but still).
    5 minutes on the 'net and I found a place in Melbourne who not only knew exactly what part I wanted, but had it delivered to my door in just 24 hours for just 15 bucks.
    So yeah, definitely a lot of variation in prices - if it seems like something costs more than it should then try looking somewhere else.
  3. I agree, but I would suggest the amazing part is that 'local' vendors don't get it. I too am sourcing 'older' bike parts overseas, and without exception they are *always* cheaper by a significant amount. Even with the recent increase in US postage, I can still get parts at least 1/2 the price any wrecker I've been able to contact has offered. I check every now and then just in case the market has cottoned on, but always revert to fleabay for purchase.

    And while the US postage charge may have increased, their service has also improved. What used to take 10-12 weeks I now have in 10 days. Gotta be happy with that :wink:

  4. Not totally relevant but a good wreckers story;

    Reminds me of a tale from a book two guys wrote about restoring a Holden Piazza (a classic misguided 80's turbo car) in Tasmania. They needed a front grill from a wrecker, who asked a rediculous price and it went:

    "the salesman justified this price by informing me that his was the only place in Tasmania we would be able to find one. Although from his perspective this was flawless logic, I quickly countered by pointing out that we were the only people in Tasmainia who would want to buy one"
    The part went from 125$ to 25$.
  5. I've read that book (it's actually a book about 2 x guys doing a tour of Aus looking for the last remaining Holden Piazzas :wink: ) and can relate. I owned a Piazza :tantrum: and had the same troubles.
  6. Wreckers are vermin.

    They often want to charge 70% of new part prices for parts that are well worn and often only marginally better than one you are tryin to replace.

    I never ever deal with them, esp with Ebay etc available to us all opening up a global market. I prefer to pay double for something new, than put money in the pocket of a wrecker.
  7. Wreckers just feed off the "oh my god, I have to be back on the road today..." people, and there are plenty of them around, poor bastards.......
  8. I've found pick-a-part to be one of the cheapest wreckers :wink: But thats for cars, I wish there was an equivalent wreckers for bikes, where you can practive removing engines or whatever for only 1$ a day.

    Cool car to have owned Dougz! I've only owned common everyday cars, so somewhere like pick-a-part is good enough.
  9. I've had just as many problems with individuals on the net as I have with wreckers. I'm really cautious about buying anything I can't see myself anymore.
  10. Heres a tip... when going to a wrecker...never front up clean shaven, showered or respectfully dressed. They guess how much you can afford and set the price accordingly...

    Talk, walk and look like a broke poor bogan... swear frequently, particularly about your pos fcuking car/bike part that you are looking for.
    Semi retarded bogan works even better... when they ask what part are you chasing say something to the effect of "you know one of those fcuking things that hangs of that fcukin umm "insertt random car part", fark your the fcukin expert, I just break the fcukin things" Once they finally guess the part they'll tell you to go back whereever and take it off yourself... they will then guess you are some sort of dirt poor retard as frequently found in Australian capital cities and whatever part your chasing will usually be under 100 bucks... instead of the 300-400 buck price you get for turning up in a tie.
  11. Hehe yea Icetime, I think you have explained to me why it is that you see so many dodgy looking, shifty eyed bogans at the wreckers. They are actually normal people dressed up that way.

    Reminds me of a classic bargaining tactic i saw by a guy matching the above description complete with flannel shirt. The guy was covered in oil and had about 10 separate car items including a whole engine or trans or something which should have cost a lot. After being informed of the price, 100 odd dollars or so (which was way cheap) the guy retorted " well I don't have 100 dollars, par se ". I pissed myself laughing wondering how much money he did have "par se" and can you even use "par se" in that context. It worked though.
  12. Crock.
    Oddly enough, I have spent 20 years buying parts for cars, and it doesn't matter how you look on teh phone........

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. After calling otobai this afternoon to pay for a part for my wifes ZXR250 and being quoted double the price that i originally received from them i tried findapart.com.au

    I had expected to receive maybe 1 or 2 responses over the next week or so, if at all.

    To my amazement, 7 responses from people in various places (all wreckers) that had the part in question, and i had the first 3 responses within 20 minutes.
    Part was a reg/rec.

    Long story short, it ended up being half the price i was expecting to pay, which is half of what i was happy to pay as well.
    Best part, i could pick one up from round the corner.

    Might not work for everything, but i know where im looking for parts now.
    Big thumbs up to Vic Motorcycle Wreckers as well, they were nearly the cheapest and i had a great yarn with the blooke behind the counter. Made me feel a bit more like a person and less like a dollar symbol walking through the door.
  14. Maybe you went to the one in another dimension or something.

    They wanted $150 for a rusted header pipe off a GPX 250 and $60 for a rear mud guard for the same bike. Drive over wasn't wasted, now i know they are a pack of deluded wankers.
  15. I used to love going tot he wreckers to get parts. Now I loathe it, because of the price.

    They expect you to pay 3/4 of the new price for something that is 1/4 as good as a new bit.

    If the bike shops actually got their act together and could get parts to you in a reasonable time, then wreckers would go out of business.
  16. The secret to wreckers I've found is attack.
    Don't ask them what a part costs, when you do that they're basically coming up with a figure based on how much they think they can squeeze out of you. Instead try saying something like "so what's that, about X bucks or so?" - picking a price that you think is realistic. More often than not most wreckers will simply go for that or something reasonably close rather than risk losing a sale by asking a ridiculous price. Works even better if you're paying cash and already have the money out - that way you can always fall back on the "sorry mate $X is all I've got".

  17. Try using findapart.com.au, i got quotes ranging from $58 to $180
    Obviously if i had just turned up at a place that wanted $180, id be swearing like a banshee.

    This way i get to choose where i go to get what i want for the price i want.

    Dont see how you can lose.
  18. haha that is so awesome, and so true! they can usually tell by how you speak how much to charge you

    although at some places its as simple as "45 second hand? they are 45 new" and boom half price... true in the case of the grille i was buying at the time.. depends how much they value that particular stock