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The Power Difference of the CB400 & 750

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tmg, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. G'Day everyone, I am wanting to know power differences, or the "step up" in power from the CB400 to the CB750. I have ridden a CB400 and that was alright I guess, but you get used to it and it does (sometimes) feel a little retarded. But then I haven't ridden much so feel free to correct my view.

    Anyway, enough blabber (it's something I am good for :LOL:) and on to the bit I am trying to get accross: How much more power does the CB750 have over the 400?

    Does it feel like you're floating when you ride it, as in there isn't much effort by the engine to get where you're going? Just wanting to know this, as I rode an SV650 a little while back and that felt like it was floating when I rode it - just no effort at all to get where you wanted to. I know that the CB400 is smooth to ride, and I am guessing that the 750 is even better in this regard.
  2. 43hp verses 77hp? It should knock your socks off. :grin:
  3. :LOL: :LOL: that'll be nice then :grin:

    BTW Seany, I like your sig. :LOL:
  4. That 'floating' feeling you say you like is a characteristic of easy revving and torquey twins and is one of the main reasons many people prefer twins to fours.

    Whilst the 750 will be faster than your 400 it will still feel somewhat 'busy' compared to a twin.
  5. That makes alot of sense ZX and yeah you really can tell how a CB engine feels "busy" compared to a Twin like the SV engine.

    I read somewhere that the SV is going from 650cc to 700cc, so it will be getting called an SV700 or SV700s. Should be great, and I reckon I will get one of these next after I get over my CB.

    I called up Glen from Q-Ride the other day and he reccomends me fixing my old mans CB750 up - that's why I asked the question of power differences. He even said he would help me by making a few phone calls for me.

    It's gonna be great when I get it and can get it all fixed up :grin: