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The Pool Room (AKA Netrider Rerun Show)

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by smileedude, May 29, 2012.

  1. This great institute of Netrider is a wonderful place. It's not a house but a home. But it is missing something; a pool room.

    This is a place for the funniest shit uttered on Netrider to be immortalised forever, for our children to read, and their children's children. So if you read something on here that makes you laugh hysterically, please bring it here. It will serve as; the highest accolade that a joke can receive (to quote The Castles Darryl Kerrigan "This is going straight to the pool room"), a place to catch up on any funnies you may have missed and a way to relive the best times of this place. I also encourage you to remember stuff from the past 9 years that is worthy and resurrect it.

    But of course being a pool room, there needs to be house rules;

    1. This is strictly reserved for ROFL material or above, LOL doesn't cut it.

    2. Do not add your own material, nobody likes a show pony. However if you provided an assist then go for it.

    3. Place all relevant material needed to get the joke here, in 1 post. (I suggest open multiple tabs, write the post in the original thread with quotes and using the MQ function, and cut and paste in here). Quotes will make it easier to link the original post.

    4. Material must be Netrider original. This means no jokes from the bad lines threads, and no pics from the funny ass pics thread. Exception- the context it is used in is priceless or the funny is someone's comment.

    5. Discussion to a minimum, this is a historical record, if you want to comment, go back to the original post and comment. If you really do have to say something do not use quotes. As all the pool room material will be in quotes it will make it easier to read the funny bits.

    6. Nod etiquette- if you want to nod something in here, have the courtesy to go back and nod it's creator. The little arrow next to the user is a link to the original post.

    7. Funnies can be laughing with or at someone. You may be subject to having your stupidity immortalised.

    8. Practise self moderation. It is inevitable that these rules will be broken, and you will be told to remove your post. Don't leave it up to the mods to clean up this place, they already do enough work here.
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  2. .....
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  3. .....
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  4. Classic
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  5. Great idea. If only funny quotes etc from fellow netriders.
    ^ as for the pic, haven't we already got an excellent Funny Ass Pics thread already?

    My 2 cents worth.
    Hope this thread goes on and on!
  6. See NK's comment below it, the picture was just putting it in context. Maybe the punchlines should be put in bold.
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  7. Here we go...

    reinventing the wheel again!


    In any case, any thread like this has to include a couple of the true classics from Loz and Chairman...

    and possibly the best of many of Chairman's great lines...

  8. Cheers TonyE. Didn't realise it was done before. Very glad you linked it, I'm going to enjoy that thread.

    That one lasted 18 months, let's see if we can keep this one going longer. Maybe if a mod had stickied it like requested it would have gone longer :p.
  9. Some pure gold in that thread Tony

  10. In my opinion, this is the best single post on Netrider for the years I've been here. I had to do some digging to find it, but here is Chairman at his vintage best

    Quote: Originally Posted by Seany

    Lesson learnt when some c%#k* ran over my kayak. ...

    That said, if they do take off don't forget to take note of the Rego, it's the next best thing.

    No sympathy, dude. Cyclists are bad enough, but I'm sick of kayaks blocking up the freeway. You bastards are always in the way- waving your paddles about, rolling upside down at the lights and then flipping up again. The slalom kayakers are the worst - paddling through a tollway gate and then reversing up just so they can go through another gate in the next lane.

    I don't drive in your rivers - keep off my freeways. Go and paddle in the gutter, get kayak lanes - whatever - but get out of the way. Or we play real kayaks - you can be the eskimo and I'll be the the whale.

    Ago had one. Mike had one. Chairman has one.
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  11. .....
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  12. And sometimes you just need to point to a whole thread where Chairman was concerned...

    This one for instance about the old Laverton Airbase (where being sold for housing...

    Among the many gems in that thread

  13. the only way to really get a pool room to work is to have it as a section on NR and then have admins move threads into them if requested by the people.
  14. And of course the classic Crusty Demons review.

    Continued at hysterical length at https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=90611
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  15. The rage thread, particularly:

    And this one

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  16. ...The Random Banter thread:

    Originally Posted by geeth
    Wooot I like having something flamboyant in my mouth

    Originally Posted by geeth
    If you're just satisfied with a tip, good for you.

    But I want it all

    Originally Posted by OldBellHelmet
    because everyone needs a little bit of a netrider in them.. hey there''s a new signature
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  17. For the sake of not posting a combined length of three and a half essays that no one will ever read I'll do it in separate posts.

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  18. risky pillions

  19. and again