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The Politics - A little help

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by gordon, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. Hi,
    Currently im am doing SACE yr12 australian and international Politics. One of our major accessment pieces is an article on a political issue. After thinking about a few options with not much success, i thought why not link it to something im interested in. So i was wondering what are some of the political issues involved with riding. With only riding for a short period i dont have much knowledge in this department but knowing that some of the members of this forum have been riding for *cough yearrrs i was wondering if there was a more direct route you could put me into. Things like speed cameras, a highly debated argument but highly used and explored. That is an option but i want to try and find somehting outside that square something that i can discover and investigate.
    Thanks for any help

    ps - hope some of yas can just bounce some ideas around would be very useful. where youve crashed, because of the lack of maintance of rural roads????

  2. Hi Gordon,

    what about footpath parking?
    Its a subject that concerns all motorcycle riders, I am shure you can find some good information about that greatly debated subject, try the MRA (mraa.org.au).

    good luck with it.

  3. Its a good idea but i forgot to mention that i live in South Australia. But then again im not to sure bout those laws here!! Are we allowed to park on the side walk. Hmm i might look into this thats for the hint.
  4. issue's in south aus, simple the rezoning of the Gorge Road for so called safety :)
    now the above idea was great and took along time to bring in, thanks ulysses :twisted: (them and there damn 80kph ideas) but its now moved the problem down strath way causing once again major political issues, higher accident rate, higher death rate, higher count of police pursuits etc etc
  5. or even why the South Aus Government refuse to hard surface rest stops so motorcycles have safe access of the highway!
  6. Ok now this is interesting, so gorge rd?? where about is this place. The higher accident rate and higher death rate has major concern for the local council and the south australian government especially if it can be linked to the rezoning.

    Ive never heard of our government refusing to hard surface rest stops. This could be very good, cause it would have to arguements mainly the motorbikers against the councils but failing surface the roads over safety compared to prices. Hmm i like it, especially it could mean a few road trips lol.

    Do you have any links or relavent info to back this claim??
  7. mmmokay what part of south aus you from?
  8. Im in adelaide, in the hills, near blackwood.
  9. Can you see a Gorge? and a Road?
  10. aawwkay then gorge road is Athelstone side to Birdwood.
    They shut down the Gorge road a few years back, so simply the bikes moved down Strath side and as with the narrower roads down there the splat rate increased majorly.
    If you want some good info email Neville Grey from the Ulysses, he's from Adelaide and is behind most of the bike issues there.
  11. Neville Grey hey. Whats the Ulysses never heard of that term being used before?
  12. Gordon really you are cracking me up.
    You could get in touch with phoenix mc or the cafe racers (ask for Gordon) either of those two clubs will be able to point you in the right direction.
  13. but 2 answer ur question, Ulysses = Ulysses Motorcycle club, u have 2 b 50+ to be in it. Or 40+ to not quite b in it.
  14. you need a scarf , a picnic basket and a goldwing too.
    you need to spend most of your time talking to your pillion , with choin blaring on the stero , weaving all over the road .
    when you get to where ever you are going , crank out the ppicnic basket , pull off the biggles glass's and have a pensioners meal and a cuppa and then back onto the road again to the next oldies free feed.
  15. Why should I have to pay the exact same rego cost?? When I only have two wheels and can only carry one pillion.. While a car has four or more and carry 8 or more people..

    Why should I have to have a single seat rego to pay less rego???

    Why do I have to wait a year to be able to pillion somebody?? When an L plater can have as many people in the car.. While I have an open licence. (I only have a few more weeks and I can double somebody yeah.. about time)

    Lisa :twisted:
  16. Or another thing you could do is WRB (wire rope barriers).
  17. you could also discuss something like wire-rope barriers (it's a hot topic here in victoria - not sure about there). They are being put in on many major roads yet they are being installed without any concern to motorcyclists (causes more harm than good if a rider hits them...). So why can the politicians and powers that be ignore this growing group of road users? What are the 'politics' behind it?
  18. I'm plesed to hear the Phoenix are still going. I have memories of the Lobethal runs years ago. Some of those guys are the hardest riders I've ever come across.

    A good issue might still be footpath parking and an analysis of why Victoria has it and SA doesn't. Perhaps write to your local council for their reasons against it and then write to Melbourne City Council for their views. (As well as a selection of Victorian Clubs. - Detlef Lamp at the BMW Motorcycle Club of Victoria has had a long involvement with this issue and is on the Motorcycles in Melbourne Committee of the Council) His email will be on the BMW Club web site http://bmwmccvic.org.au somewhere since he's the public officer.

    A comparative study will generally get a better result and a comparison between two states and the reasons why one did something and the other didn't would make interesting reading...

  19. Thanks tony, you've given me a start, well to at least plan. Im not to sure of the laws of sidewalk parking in south australia?? Can any one make this more clearer for me? ill try and find some emails to contact a few people soon.
  20. there Qld issues not South Australian issue's, remember in south aus under 25kph your not required to wear a helmet :)