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The Politically Incorrect Poem

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by bretto61, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. The Country was in a terrible state,

    As the Parliament sat for the Budget Debate.

    It was quite a few minutes before Gillard spoke,

    Then she said, ‘Sex will cost you two bucks a poke,

    Whether your short, skinny or thick.

    A tax will be paid on the use of your prick’.

    Penny Wong rose and said ‘Julia look here,

    Will this tax apply to those who are queer?’

    Greenie Bob Brown looked rather glum,

    ‘May I be exempt, I only like bum.’

    Julia replied and sounded quite airy

    ‘You’ll pay double you dirty old fairy’

    Up rose Tony Abbott, to tremendous applause

    Grabbed Julie Bishop and ripped off her drawers

    He straddled across her and screwed her at will

    Then shouted to Gillard, ‘Put that on the Bill’!

    Wayne Swan shouted, ‘I think I’ll resign,

    I haven’t had sex for a very long time.

    I dream every night of a big juicy crutch,

    But two bucks a go .. that’s too bloody much.’

    The House was in uproar, the fighting went on,

    Till Turnbull banged on the Bar with his dong,

    ‘With a tax on a poke in the front and the back

    All we can do is have a good whack.’

    I disagree said Joyce with a leer,

    And stuck his big prick into Bob Katter’s ear.

    The backbenchers came and the Cabinet went

    Rudd took his out and found it was bent.

    ‘Look here’, he cried as it swung in the air,

    ‘For those who are bent a discount is fair.’

    So all checked their dicks, the Speaker was last,

    And in the excitement, the damn Bill was passed.

    So now in the beds of Australia at night,

    There’s many a fanny that’s closed up real tight.

    They’re taxing our booze and taxing our smokes

    And now the bastards are taxing our pokes.

    If two bucks a head is the price we must pay

    It now with ourselves we find we must play

    To quench our frustrations we must have a wank

    And for the state of our Country – we’ve Gillard to thank!
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  2. Bwahahahahahaha ! Now this, ladies and gentleman is GOLD !

  3. Hahaha classic.
  4. haha that's great
  5. I've got this image in my mind of the symbol that's on the flag when there's a stockade rebellion over this.

    Maybe that can become our national flag in time?
  6. I'm seeing a cock and balls, rampant on a field of azure...
  7. I remember a much earlier version of this as the kid, and the 'rudeness' delighted us. I could even quote parts of it. It was "The Budget '78", with the main character being Malcolm Fraser, with Jim Cairns ripping off Juni Morosi's drawers and so on.