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The po po *HELP

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by petersteelefreestyle, May 15, 2007.

  1. ok i was starting to have argument at work over the meaning po po

    po po means police ya. as in 50.. cops. bacon pigys. etc

    any one else herd it said po po. i allways thought it came from england am i right?

  2. Po po? Or did you mean to say poo poo? [​IMG]

  3. england say 'fuzz'
  4. yeah... i say po po. sometimes us ni99as speak funny lol. yeah i say it but in a bad american accent
  5. :google:
    Originated in california where bycycle mounted cops travel around in sets of two. They wear vests with giant POs written on them. Thus the name po-po originated.

    Urban slang variation = "pissed off police officer"
  6. Nixon beat me to it, no point in having redundant information. Deleted.
  7. [​IMG]

    Mr Popo is a character from Dragon Ball Z


  8. :eek: sorry Haggis !
  9. no ya clown
  10. I always found "The Filth" was a good way to annoy them
  11. Never heard of the term Po Po before :?
  12. Po po means "power off, power on" where i work...

    as for the police, they're simply cops down here.
  13. I think someone is pull pulling your leg... :roll:
  14. po po is used amongst the adelaide scene a bit. mostly by the young car scene and drifters. get a bit of 50 action aswell.

    cops or pigs , maybe bacon patrol are also a bit common
  15. Yeah, my wigga mate says po po, but he's an idiot. Thats a different story altogether :LOL:
  16. Is that so one can keep shooting while the other reloads? Or does it take two to read a map over there??? :p
  17. I thought you were talking about tellitubbies or something.