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The Pink Hyo :P

  1. AngieW submitted a new showcase item:

    The Pink Hyo :p

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  2. yeah but the problem is you sometimes get 0 km to the tank.

    good luck with it. At least it will look good by the side of the rd haha.

  3. Nice bike, who cares what others think. As long as your mug has a smile on it that's all that matters.

  4. Haven't had an issue so far! :p
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  5. This. You obviously love your ride and that is awesome :D
  6. Haters are everywhere.
  7. Yes. I'm in love with it hahaha.

    Yup. Yup they are- but oh well! :)
  8. Hi Angie.

    I wish you very much joy of your bike, but feel you have exaggerated the pinkness.

    This is a PINK bike....
  9. Gratz on the bike my first bike was also a 2006 Hyosung GT250R Minus the pink though had it for 20000 KM and never had to many issues with it, just a broken clutch cable and thats it.
    Im sure you will love it.

  10. Haha, not finished yet :D
    I was gonna paint the whole lot pink , but then realised when I upgrade it'd be hard to sell :(
  11. Not only that, but seriously PINK fades very quickly in the sun. :(
  12. Are you serious?! :( That's not fair!
  13. Yup!

    Pink is a bugger of a colour for fading.

    I am sure someone with appropriate technical and chemical knowledge would be able to explain it, but it is so.

    The wilder the pink, the faster the fade.

    When I got rid of my pink bike, it was a pale shadow of its original pinkness, and the bloke that bought it rushed it to a painter to make it yellow.

    Some folk have no sense of style. ;)

  14. Lol yellow?! Yuck :p

    Awh now I need a new colour idea for my upgrade :(
  15. Pink paint (more specifically paint with pigments towards the red end of the spectrum) used to fade a lot quicker but clear coats have come a long way. These days, assuming a quality paint/clear coat I doubt you'd notice any difference in regards to fading.

    The problem I've had (I own a red car) is that red really, really shows swirls, other fine surface damage and oxidisation which can appear to make the paint look like it has faded.

    Someone with higher physics/chemistry qualification than me is more than welcome to point me in the right direction if I'm wrong. Google warriors, not interested in your findings.
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  16. Thanks so much! So spend time searching for a quality paint rather than whatever's available?
    And [forgive and correct me if I'm wrong] can fine surface damage & the like be removed ["fixed" if you will] by a standard cut & polish every now and again? Or once it shows up is that it for your paint job?
  17. You can fix most surface damage but prevention is better than cure IME.

    I wouldn't stress re the pink fading. Go to a decent panel beater when you get the paint job done and you'll be right, the paint will almost certainly outlive the bike.
  18. Hey Angie , why not go whole hog and get a pink helmet to match (or maybe black with pink graphics ) ?