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The Phantom of the Opera

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. I'm going to see this at the Princess theatre tomorrow night. :dance: How excitement! :grin: Has anyone been to it? What did you think? Awesome? :grin:

    Also, anyone been to the Princess theatre? If so, where the hell is it? :LOL:

  2. err, if he's a phantom, you won't see him :LOL:

    {sorry, back to topic, as you were, skulk skulk......}
  3. Hi Rosie Mrs 2 wheelsagain and I saw it on Braoadway NYC :grin: about 6 weeks ago. It was very good. Not sure about the local cast but a good story anyway.
  4. When your there keep an eye out for "hero" and "devil"

    :LOL: :rofl: oh geeze I crack myself up sometimes !
  5. I went last Friday night. Theatre is on Spring St, around the corner from Hard Rack Cafe.
    Was a good show, Warlow is excellent (although stand in does a few nights I heard so hopefully you will get the main man), others are good. Some of the female singing is hard to understand (I thought) but my wife had no trouble. Very high pitched, as you would expect of Opera singing. Never knew the story behind the Phantom so it was good to go in without a preconceived idea of what was coming like with some shows.

    You will enjoy it. :grin:
  6. yes, saw it in 1994 with the gf then.

    Its awesome Rosie.
    I'm a phamtom fan, the soundtrack is even on my ipod playlist. :shock:
  7. 2wheels - Wow. Must've been a buzz for you both. :)

    Triway - I've only a vague idea of the story. I'm not too fussed if we don't get Anthony Warlow. Just happy to be going. :) I must be getting old/er because I used to hate opera music. Lately though I've become tolerant of it and sometimes I might even feel touched by it. In the right context though - such as if it's part of a Damien Rice track...(Eskimo). :LOL:

    VTRBob - I've no idea what you're talking about :LOL: but I'll keep it in mind. :LOL:
  8. Micky! Bring your ipod! :cool: We can "sing" our fav tracks :beer:
  9. i saw the movie and it sucked!

    sorry, just not my thing. the cinimatography was good, the sound track, good, the story line.......yarn!


    ive heard it's better on stage, you will have to let us know rosie

    cheers :cool:
  10. yep ! . . .

    (hahaha, I even have a Phantom emoticon . . lol)

    But if you want a sing off !!
    The Cure - Friday i'm In Love

    I kick ass with that on Singstar . . . ask the Canberra crew !
    . . . .they reckon I was cheating !!!
  11. Saw it a few times when I was younger, tis quite a good show.
  12. I saw it in 1996, I think...

    Was excellent. Very glad dad bought tickets and forced some culture into us :)
  13. Saw it back then in 97 and then again this year.

    Anthony Warlow is a star, and he absolutely shat all over Rob Guest. All we needed to complete the show was Marina Prior. It is probably my favourite theatre production as it has everything. Mystery, humour, violence, unrequited love, sacrifice, and one of the best scores to have come from Mr Lloyd Webber's pen.

    Definitely worth it if you have not seen it, and worth it still if you already have. If you want to read about the Phantom before he made the big time in an opera somewhere in Paris, read Susan Kaye's novel - "Phantom".

    Oh and D Stump, don't let the movie fool you. A movie will never, ever replace the theatre experience.
  14. Yep saw it in 93 i think.. and again a couple of months ago.....Highly Reccomended... you'll love it Rosie.

    I too have it on my Ipod playlist :oops:
  15. I "saw it" about 1500 times :LOL: I worked Props and Mechanical for Cam Mac Productions from 1990 on and off till 1999. Most of you probably have seen my boat driving skillz :p
  16. I saw it 8 August

    was fantastic.
  17. It was especially the explosions. Thats blokes theatre :grin:
  18. Im going to see it Sunday arvo, will let you know how it goes
  19. Yep it was awesome. Loved every second of it. nostress - you'll love it. Warlow has such an amazing presence on the stage. That guy is it. Brilliant.

    VTRBob - I still have no idea what you were talking about!?? :LOL:

    Feverpitched - ta for the reading recommendation. I found the female lead fine, but I do think they need to work on getting some chemistry happening between herself and the two main leads. *shrugs* I just found it a little lacking in that department.
  20. It was my attempt at some humour :LOL:

    There is only one Phantom and he was no opera singer !

    Diana Palmer / Hero / Devil / Guran / Skull Cave

    Ring any bells yet ? :wink: :p