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The Phantom Expander...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2009/02/04/2482047.htm

    'Phantom Expander' targets New Zealand hoons
    By New Zealand correspondent Kerri Ritchie

    New Zealand police are trying to track down a vigilante who has been filling car exhausts with expanding foam to stop hoons in their tracks.

    The local newspaper in the South Island city of Blenheim received an anonymous letter from a person calling themselves 'The Phantom Expander'.

    The editor of the Marlborough Express, Lance Dodd, says the 'Phantom' has it in for hoons.

    "He went on to say that he was now taking action and squirting builder's foam, the expanding foam that sets hard, into the exhausts of these cars," he said.

    "I drive a Holden Barina," he added. "I should be safe."

    'The Phantom Expander' has targeted 12 cars, one of which belonged to a police oficer.
  2. I love real life superheroes!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Would you like some Phantom Expansion in your pipe ma'am?
  4. I'd soooo love to do that to some d1cks in my area.

    I don't have anything against car modders, but some are just w4nkers who seem to take delight in revving the tits off their ricebox with a milo can for no good reason other than they think it impresses the laydeez while trolling through the local poser hangouts (but really it only impresses other w4nker ricebox trolls).

    Its a courtesy thing and kinda like smokers... If someone likes to smoke it doesn't bother me, I sometimes smoke myself, but if you constantly blow your smoke in peoples faces, don't be surprised when someone gets p1ssed and douses your cig using a bucket of water while you're taking a drag.
  5. You do not f*** with a man's automobile.

    John Travolta said it.

    It's a rule.

    I look forward to hearing of this person's stabbing in the street.
  6. hahah good job, builder's foam, what a great idea, I'd have a good laugh and a smile on my face if someone did this to some of the w@nker's cars in my street, 2 skylines, 3 commonwhores, a torana, and a nissan silvia.

  7. +1

    Just wait till some R1 gets its $1800 Termi cans filled with expander foam. LOL's.
  8. What a fcuktard, hope he dies a horrible death by carbon monoxide poisoning.

    What one person deems as appropriate levels of vehicle noise, another may consider to be excessive... if we all start taking matters into our own hands like this fcukstick, motorcycles would be most at risk. Let only the law dictate what is inappropriate, and the fitting punishment.
  9. All of which may, indeed, be true, but all the same :rofl:
  10. Why must everthing resort to physical violence and wishing death on people.
    No wonder our society is so stuffed.
  11. I think it's Dave the Cricket
  12. Not everything has to, but tampering with other peoples vehicles is definately worthy of a painful death. Theives and vandals in general really deserve it but when they carry out their sociopathic desires on peoples bikes and cars the punishment should be slower and more painful x10.

    I'd happily see this bloke strung up by the wrists and stabbed in each foot with a butter knife. If he doesn't die after 10 minutes, stab him again just above the last wound..... and so on. :)

    To give him some credit, I agree that the courts here and proably in NZ have a tendancy to let crimimals off the hook for just about anything. He's just a bit confused as to who it is that should be removed from society. Having a modded car/bike does not automatically mean it's used solely for burnouts on Lygon St (or even at all). Spraying expanding foam in exhaust pipes however does automatically make that person a self centred, antisocial twat with no respect for other people or their property.
  13. Because the law is weak on the real villains and harsh on the poor and disenfranchised.

    It's enough to make you want to smack a fcuker out.
  14. ...also, I was joking; it was an exaggerated way of expressing my disapproval.
  15. Total piece of bastardry - but very creative. If I owned a Harley there I'd be very afraid... :roll:
  16. Oh, I dunno. If you owned a Harley there, you'd probably be a 6 foot 6 square Maori, so fear wouldn't be on the agenda :wink: .

    As for the expanding foam trick, i've often wondered if it would work. Evidently it does.

    I'd certainly condemn the random vandalism of modded or conspicuous vehicles. However, if there's a personal motivation behind each one.....well, let he who is without sin cast the first stone etc. (with apologies to Paul if I've got the quote wrong). Collectively, NR is hardly whiter than white in this regard, considering the desires I see expressed to smash mirrors, deflate tyres, boot in panels and so on for traffic infringements.
  17. :LOL: PERFECT!!.... now i know what to do to the mobile camera cars i see on the side of the road :grin:
  18. lmfao GOLD!

    but yeah never touch a blokes vehicle...
  19. Think our vigilante needs some poetic justice......