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The personal property rule

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Skuffy, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. Hey all.

    I would like to make a small statement. I have, on two occassions, been involved where members of this site have tampered with my bike in some fashion. Once last year where suspension settings were changed.... This was obvious. The second instance was this friday night.

    OK, with me the rule is simple. If it is my bike, do not touch it, move it or sit on it without asking persmission.

    Apart from that love you all.

    This concludes our broadcast day
  2. Fair enough too.
  3. Hey there Skuffy. Funny thing was on Friday night the Police drove past not more than 10 minutes earlier & didn't seem in the least bit concerned about the manner in which your bike was parked :roll: Sort of makes you wonder a bit doesn't it?
  4. Or put your bloody food scraps on the seat for that matter.

    Yeah I take pride in my bike.
    Yeah I keep it clean.
    Yeah I spend time on polishing the frame.

    Not so that some smart arse can dump his left over scraps on the seat :evil: :evil:

    Not only can I not see it at night. It takes me ages to get it off the seat and out of my Draggins for that matter.

    If it's your idea of a sense of humour then my advice is to get a life :!: :!:
  5. Wow.....you're quite relaxed about it....I would have said quite simply; "you touch my bike...I smack you in the head!...I don't give a sh*t if you are joking or not".....

  6. Starting to worry about lots of things that happen "down there", folks. Glad to be in Sydney......
  7. I'll break out the popcorn and butter in here too.
  8. fair call skuff, Its a matter of respect.

    I had another rider at work move my bike without informing me (with fair intent) but i still felt violated. I think that we all see our bikes as an extension to our selves (i know i do) and if you wouldn't do it to me then don't do it to my bike.
  9. Are some people for real ?? The sad thing in todays world is respect is just a 7 letter word. Touching other peoples bikes is a definate no no. And food scraps on the seat are you serious. Mate if someone even contemplated touching my bike they had better move to another country very quickly. :evil:
  10. Pardon an old fogie's reminiscing here.

    Years ago when hornet and I used to photograph the road races all the time, we'd often inadvertently leave camera gear in the pits, on someone's trailer mudguard or something like that, and when we came back at the end of the day, it'd still be there.

    It was just a given that, since these guys and girls were up to their ears in debt running their race bikes, that they respected the hard-earned property of others.

    It is beginning to look like that isn't the case any more.

    I have a large scratch, right down to the fibreglass, in the new paint job on my VFR where some ass in a car has opened the door on it and just driven off. The re-spray cost me $800 and now it's spoiled. To say that I am cheesed off is putting it mildly.
  11. See people just dont give a rats arse. I was bought up to respect other peoples property and still do. You cant seem to have anything nice without some jealous scumbag not giving a damn. Really gets me wild that you cant leave anything unattended without having to worry about if its gonna be ok or not.
  12. Yup.. we're glad your in Sydney too Hornet........ :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Just to balance the books a tad, and not taking anything away from Mitch's point about his bike being tampered with, we also need to make sure that we respect other people's property and rights too, otherwise we just look like a mob of whingeing hyopcrites. It's the "mote in your eye, beam in mine" principle.
    (I blame computer games for the decline in standards!! Why not, they get the blame for everything else!!?)
  14. You can touch my bike as much as you want, just don't scratch it, put fingerprints on it, break it, dirty it or piss around with it in any way that I wouldn't.
  15. hey Dan, 2000 posts!!! Congrats!
  16. thanks. shudder to think about the time wasted on here :LOL:
  17. Just as a matter of interest, how was it obvious? I'd imagine I wouldn't notice until I tried to ride the thing.

    OK, so for those of us who miss the caffein celebrations, what did the lowlife do?

    I still shudder when I remember the rider at the GP last year who decided to help out bu moving someone else's bike... and dropped it on a Ducati. I was about three feet too far away to stop it.
  18. Hey moike. I would be a little bit careful about calling a certain moderator on this site a "lowlife" :wink: Just a hint.
  19. Surely not! :roll:
  20. You shudder?
    Imagine how the owners of the bike felt!
    And the person who was being a good samaritan!
    I remember it well too and still shudder. :wink: