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The perils of waving.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cazzo, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. I'd say watching where you are going is safer than both.

    Thought it was going to be this one.

  2. why the feck did the numnut stand it up :-s........ oh yeah, lets aim for the convertible[-(....... very bright:applause:
  3. I don't understand what happened between shots 10 & 11. If he was scrapping pegs then he should have just got some more weight to the inside and hope he didn't run too wide -- the car would have missed him if he didn't try to brake...
  4. Target fixation?
  5. This ..
  6. Yep, once he spotted that bright red target he was fucked, he gets on the brakes at 15 then lets them go at 16, then back on again.
  7. hope the guy is alright... looked like a pretty bad crash
  8. Not looking where he was going.

    Yeah, target fixation/panic most obviously.

    Not setting himself up for, and actively driving through, the corner.

    Going too fast through the corner for the combination of his machine and riding skills (with an emphasis on the latter, of course).

    Not using body position appropriately to get his kind of machine through the corner with the tyres gripping well but nothing else gripping well.

    And other 'behind the scenes' lackings of skill that amount to not having learnt to ride this dangerous thing, a motorcycle, well. Looks like an long list could be made of factors that were obviously present, or showed themselves implicitly.
  9. This happens to everyone while texting or distracted by the radio, waving ,etc. If you must do something distracting then roughly remember the path of the oncoming road before hand.
  10. I was wondering when a wave/nod thread would get it's own Zapruda film.
  11. You know if you play it in reverse, he makes it then waves that he's ok
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  12. A gif would be good...

  13. wonder if he bought the photos
  14. ...one of my faves...

  15. ...and...

  16. ...ok one more...


  17. [​IMG]