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the perils of showing off......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by llewellyn, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. I was riding home from uni today, when about 1.5 km from home i pulled up at the lights next to a guy on a heavily modded suzuki cruiser (boulevard I think, but had a flame job and no badges). We nodded to each other (don't worry, it's not a fucking nodding thread and he started asking a few questions about my xj750, what year it was etc.

    So.... the light went green and I gunned it off the line and redlined through the first couple of gears. I wasn't trying to race the guy or anything, I figured his bike was probably a fair bit quicker (in a straight line at least), I was just having a bit of fun. Anyway, I redlined it through first and second and I backed off in third with the guy a fair way behind me, when all of a sudden my bike becomes about twice as loud and the pitch of the exhaust note drops to really low. So I figure I have fucked my engine somehow and I softly ride it the last 500m home, pull into my driveway and take a look at it. The first thing I notice is... "Hey, where the fuck is my muffler. So I run inside and talk to my wife...

    Me: "Hey babe, I need your car. My exhaust fell off and I need to go get it"
    Her: "What?????"
    Me: "Don't worry, I'll explain later"

    So, I grab her car and drive back to where it happens. After parking the car and jogging up the street for 5 mins, I eventually find a scratched up, detached, and bent muffler in the middle of the road. I figure the bolt securing the muffler to the exhaust/footpeg carrier must have vibrated loose and me revving the crap out of the bike was enough to make it fall off.

    So..... fast forward several hours and a lot of hammering, filing and sanding and the muffler is reattached although looking somewhat worse for wear and the muffler bolt now has a shitload of loctite on it.

    I though you guys would probably enjoy laughing at my stupidity.....](*,)
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  2. I had a chuckle!

    Unlucky though. I've ...heard... of that one happening before. Does it sound all well and good again now? Pics?
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  4. I would say you definitely would want to get a new gasket.
  5. Hahaha that was a good thing to read this morning mate, obviously sorry for your loss of muffler but at least its fixed, but hey if you can't laugh at yourself sometimes whats the point!
  6. Why do women when they see their partner flustered or in a hurray ask questions? ](*,)

    BTW, that's pretty funny!
  7. Always fun laughing along with someone else's "oops".

    I bet the bloke on the cruiser had a chuckle as well!!
  8. I was on the back of a Yam XS 650 twin when something very like that happened. The rider / owner was a cop. It woke me up a bit more than the acceleration did.
  9. Loving the tags mate!
  10. If you rode an XS-650 for long enough EVERYTHING succumbed to the vibration and fell off!!!
  11. Losing a muffler is one thing I don't recall doing. I've had a few explode, though, since discovering, many years ago, the satisfying bangs that can be achieved by deft use of the kill switch :D.
  12. LOL - Yeah, so I noticed.
  13. showing off is where you crash mate. consider that warning!

    -have had muffler come off but was my own fault not doing up the bolts tight enough
  14. Heh. Happened to me on my Bullet in the middle of the highway.

    My theory was the poor Bull was wanting to shed some weight for the summer. And it sounded and performed better with it off, so who was I to argue. Some nice work from the cars behind me avoiding it.
  15. I lost my muffler a couple weekends ago about 150km from home.
    Loud trip.
  16. I didn't take any pics because I was too pissed off to think of it. The muffler is reattached now (and the bolt has a shitload of loctite on it) and the bike sounds fine.
  17. So you now know what that 'Turbo Boost' button does!!
    Dont do it again lol
  18. He he he he. I plated mine up with 4 or 5 mm steel sheet so I could indulge in that particularly enjoyable activity as often as I liked. Scares the cr@p out of anyone following a little to closely, especially at night, when they cop an almighty boom and a 3 foot flame.
    We were right little b@st@rds at times. One of the most satisfying things to do was cruise past the local nightclubs at 1 or 2 in the morning, let rip with a particularly loud bang, and watch the big tough bouncers duck for their lives. He he he.
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  19. Not a good thing to happen but could have been a lot worse. (Thinking Josh Brookes, Island Classic..........)

  20. ROFL =D>