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Featured The Perils Of Bluetooth

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Simigh, May 16, 2015.

  1. So there I was in my house when my wife's phone rings. It was my mum asking why I wasn't answering my phone.
    Hmmm I thought, 3 missed calls and two text messages but no sound alert.
    So I get my wife to call me and yup no sound.
    Check the setting on my phone and it looks all good.
    As I walk into the kitchen my phone suddenly makes a noise! Bloody phone I think. I then go to tell the wife and sure enough it stops making noise.
    So back to pacing and googling and so forth.

    Now for some reason when I walk into the kitchen it works and when I leave it stops....
    Then it hits me

    Left the bloody Bluetooth on in my helmet at the front door.......

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  2. I've tried to answer calls when I've just got off the bike, and confused myself greatly. I can't hear them, but I sort of can hear them? Oh, why is their voice coming from my bike?

    It's coming from my helmet. Doh!
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  3. A few years ago I bought a "wired" headset intercom. We went out on the bike to try it.
    It was the most annoying thing I ever had on a bike. It started within a 100m of the house and continued for the next five miles.
    "Mind that cyclist"
    "That was a bit fast round that bend"
    "Did you need to overtake that car"
    "What do you want for tea"
    "Are we going anywhere near some shops"

    I pulled up in a safe place, ripped the intercom out of my helmet saying "These speakers are too big and they're pressing on my ears and feel very uncomfortable."

    I'll never have another intercom, bluetooth or not, I like the peace and quiet when I'm riding.
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