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The perfect T-Bone - Collected in a roundabout!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by AcidTrip, May 1, 2012.

  1. I posted this in a VIC thread, but thought I'd post it here. Early on Sat morning I went for a casual ride. Perfect weather in Melbourne on Saturday! Thought I'd go to practice so I rode to Essendon DFO but no-one showed so I left for DJs. Got to DJs and received a message from the missusesessess about a family matter so I leave there for home.

    As I'm about 1.2km from home I travel through a roundabout that I always go through without any trouble. It's a very small roundabout, one lane each direction, with speed humps at all entrance points. I look right without stopping, all clear, so off I go. I saw a car coming from the left, assuming he'd stop at the give way sign and the fact I had a car following very closely behind me. How wrong was I? Just as I'm about to exit I get slammed into from the left side at, according to the police report, approx 40 - 50kph.

    I tell you what, it's true what people say about time slowing down. Those few milliseconds before the old oriental guy hit me felt like minutes. I could see in my peripheral that he crossed the solid white line and I snapped my neck to look at him. His eyes were fixed dead ahead, I doubt he even looked to give way. The witness behind him said his brake lights never came on and he went full speed over the speed hump. There were 6 signed witnesses to this accident.

    Suffice to say I hit the ground like a brick. My helmet smashed on to the concrete kerb around the traffic island and the bike landed on my right leg. Surprisingly no injuries to my left leg as the fairings took all the damage. I've got hairline fractures to several bones in my foot and the rest is just soft tissue damage. All my gear is toast though, and the bike will be assessed next week but she looks like a write off. She dumped all her oil and petrol on the road too.

    I don't know what I could of done to avoid this. I've ridden safe for my 6 months on the road, always wore all the correct gear (which did its job pretty well) and tried to anticipate other peoples moves. I've played through all the what-ifs in my head; what if I had got to that intersection a second later? I would have T-boned him instead. What if I got to the intersection a second earlier? He would have hit my rear wheel instead of square on. This guy was going to hit someone that day, no matter if it was a motorcyclist or a Mack truck. The guy even had the nerve to beg to the police in Engrish that I hit him and it's not his fault. Yeah right ... Typical ...

    Anyways, that's my vent done. I'll show some piccies now. Happy days! Swann Insurance have made my recovery a heap easier and have taken the stress out of all the paperwork. Really happy with their service. Hopefully be back on two in a few weeks :angel:

    The accident scene. Cager in red, my poor self in yellow;

    Right side. Windscreen is cracked, both mirrors cracked, front fairing cracked, side fairing cracked and scraped from slide, front brake lever broken, rear brake lever landed on my foot and bent in to oil sump causing all oil to leak. Rear fairings no longer line up and right indicator is missing.

    Left side. Front fairing damage as mentioned above, left fairing cracked and beaten in from impact (f*cked, in other words), indicator broken, all mounting points on frame destroyed. Same same for rear fairings.

    The rest of the damage I can't diagnose yet. When I push the bike around it doesn't go straight and it sounds like the wheels wobbling and something is grinding? No idea what that is. She's insured for $3500 so I doubt it's worth the time or effort to repair her. She's an 06 ZZR250 with only 7830km on the clock. She had another good 15 years in her at least ...
  2. That sucks balls!
    Keep us posted on if the guy gets charged with anything, if not you should ask the cops why not?
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  3. He was charged with all they can charge him with; failing to give way at a roundabout. 3 points and $350. I would of thought a charge of careless driving would apply myself, but apparently not. I reckon if my bike hadn't landed in the way of his car he would of kept driving anyway, his car was that beaten up.
  4. Sorry to say it, But you could have avoided that one by looking to the left and making sure that car would stop,

    Either slowing down or going a bit faster, Would have saved your bacon,

    Glad you walked away with out too much damage to your self,
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  5. Sorry to hear about the accident, but it sounds like you came off well compared to the alternatives.

    Here's your answer right here:

    I don't mean to rub salt in the wound, however it's a good lesson for you and other new riders;

    it was completely in your power to avoid this:

    Don't assume any such thing or you will, sooner or later, end up in this accident.
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  6. That's a great reply from Mattb, If you ever "Assume" anything whilst riding, It must be "They Really Are out To Get You." Glad you come out ok, Ride Long Mate.
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  7. Hey AcidTrip, sorry to hear about your accident. The general rule that I follow with cars waiting at or approaching intersections is to start taking evasive action *before* it becomes evident that something is going wrong. Normally, that's a combination of slowing down quite a bit, making some noise with the engine, changing lanes position etc and generally making sure that the person is actually going to stop, or speeding up so that your vehicles are not on a path to intercept. It sounds like your failure here was to have noticed that you and the car were on a path to collide and not done anything to alter that fact.

    In short, never assume someone will stop, or even stay stopped if they have already. If I'd made that assumption a few months ago in Panton Hill I'd probably be dead right now.

    What a retard.
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  8. just...*claps* ****ing A...it's not often i'm suprised by some of the crash threads here...but by the sounds of it it could've be alot worse especially smashing your head on the concrete gutter of the traffic island..really glad to hear your still alive & kickin' man ..and that it hasn't killed off your desire to ride...shame about the zzr...i think the most impressive part is the rear brake smashing the sump glass or whatever..i dunno why..just...seems odd

    ....but yeah man it's the same thing everyone here will tell you...don't assume shit (i'm guilty of it sometime's and am lucky i've gotten away with it so far - really this serve's as a reminder for me to pull my head in and stop ****ing about)
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  9. Cheers for the support guys, it's appreciated! I definitely agree with the comment that I shouldn't have assumed he would have stopped. Rookie mistake but I sure have learnt not to do that again! Wouldn't have asked if i wasn't prepared to accept criticism =]

    87crisis - That rear brake lever is what caused the damage to my foot believe it or not! Even though I was hit on the left my left leg only has minor bruising. When the bike landed I obviously didn't have my foot on the brake and the lever landed on my foot. The boot then bent it inwards and smashed the sump glass off. Notice it's not just the glass that broke either, the whole metal around it came off too. No wonder why my foot is sore ...

    I'm just amazed at my helmet to be honest. I didn't realise I had hit the concrete until one of the witnesses said it. And all that happened to me was a stiff neck from the whiplash. The helmet looks fine on the outside, barely a few scratches on the matte black finish but the inside is ROOTED. The eggshell is fractured and breaking away...

    The best part now is buying new gear and going bike shopping in a few weeks once insurance pays out! I'm currently leaning towards the Suzuki GSX650F (but I want a black one ...) or a Hyo GT650R. I know people bag them but I've ridden a few and they seemed like sturdy, fun bikes. Guess I'll ride a few more and see!
  10. How is it that someone who has a solo crash will get charged with careless driving - but someone who ploughs through a roundabout and takes out a motorcyclists doesn't?
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  11. What a sterling question Luke.

    Hey Acid, I'm glad you're doing as well as you are, count those blessings.
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  12. #12 joetdm, May 2, 2012
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    Because when your on a bike, your automatically wrong, probably speeding, too hard to see and he can't give way to what he can't see.
    Yep, smidsy is legal and lawful in Victoria..
    Latest ad explains it all perfectly and don't you dare hold someone delivering cupcakes, you'll legally be allowed to be killed..

  13. Now that is a very good question ...
  14. Sorry, to hear about the bike, but the main thing is that you are still here.
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  15. Thanks for sharing! Glad to hear that you're ok... How lucky are you to have so many signed witnesses willing to help out! Good luck with it all and heal fast!
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  16. If you'd been doing 68, you'd be dead
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  17. I am pleased you are okay and that your gear did its job
  18. Yep, would have triggered a front-wheel pirouette, too.
  19. Nasty accident but great that you are relatively ok. The bike can be replaced. I reckon your insurance may be a bit low on it. That's just from a quick browse on bikesales.

    It sux that he only gets off with failure to give way on a roundabout. I reckon where there is x amount of damage and someone injured the penalty should be higher. He could cop a bigger fine and more points for speeding and not injuring someone.
  20. Sorry to hear about your sitaution, as others have said, glad to hear you are in one piece, bikes n bits always are replaceable. there should be a body to 'step up' and make car drivers accountable and challenge police charges questioned in situations like this.
    Have dealt with Swann and recommend them always after how they handled my incident, also check with Takami about his famous jeans if yours need replacing. See you back on the road soon, well on a bike!!