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The Perfect Heaven Ahead Sign [moved from general]

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by joetdm, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. Hehehehehehe....!

    May have to go and test the waters before the snowy.... :p
    And my reasons for choosing the TDM :D



  2. That's the best I've seen!

    There's one on the way to the GOR from Warrnambool that's about 63km, but that one takes the cake!

    How was it?
  3. What retard would desecrate such a thing of beauty? I've a mind to go there just to restore that sign to it's former glory...

    ....or steal it.
  4. Better than these signs: boring....!!


    In 1200 kilometres make a left turn


    90 Mile straight (146.6km)
  5. 300+ if you're not beige....

    ....sorry, as you were...
  6. what's that in the photo that looks like a large pair of boobs?

  7. oh found her!

    big boobed woman emerges...

  8. Geez, that silver one's a good looking bike.
  9. Great road, joe ! Seems someone's already added 'landmark' stickers to the sign, though was rather upset they weren't bullet holes :)

    Erm....nice drawing, lowercase, though that looks more like the Predator :p

    Kneedragon...was awaiting your post re the might Kawa (y)
  10. Bloody awesome, will definitely go up one day on the DR. I'm thinking Friday the 24th :D .
  11. Does anybody else go to google maps and check stuff out that they'll probably never be able to do? Try this one. A road trip up the US west coast from Mexico to Canada, staying as close to the coast as practical, and not being afraid to go back and investigate alternative roads that also look interesting. It's about 2,500 km and it just looks like ... wow!
  12. Ok. I might explore that with streetview when I get home. Looks awesome on the map.

  13. ive driven that in a car. what i would do to go back on a bike