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The perfect corner.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by LPCIII, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Ok boys and girls this thread is to just find out one thing... where is that perfect corner?

    I am talking about a single bend in the road that you would go an hour out of your way just to hit. The corner with the perfect camber, radius and road surface.

    Where are they all?

    Well I thought I would start you guys off with my favourite.

    Mine is the 270 degree corner leaving Sydney on the Cahill that enters the Harbour Bridge. It is a beautifull corner.
  2. Nah thats a bullshit corner man,

    the surface has holes in it and its closing radius,.

    total shit corner.

    I like the corner that starts the M4 from parramatta road, camber beautiful, no holes, no closing apex. its a great corner.
  3. i havnt found any really good ones but i found some small S bends i like them better than corners. if anyone knows any of these as well let us hear about them.
  4. Melbourne: Bolte on ramp (outbound) is a nice one, so is the off ramp (coming back).
  5. Hey man just because you can't fine the right line for that corner it isn't my problem. It is a great corner and one day you'll realise it.
  6. canberra, roundabouts.

    all of them.
  7. Move along, nothing to see here.
  8. That should be changed to 'any surburban road in Canberra', they all have fantastic corners!

    There is one chicane heading north on the Old Pac (before you hit Brooklyn I think) that's a lot of fun. For those in the Leichhardt area, the two corners on the Parramatta Rd overbridge (the one off Tebbutt St), too bad about traffic though.
  9. The loop road when entering James Ruse Drive from Victoria Rd to head north ! :grin:

    Floor it off the lights at Rydalmere, up the slight over pass rise, down shift when entering the loop road . . . . play with the throttle all the way around and tap the road with your left toe half way around the loop, power out !! . . . :eek:

    . . . . yeah, yeah, yeah
    there is a hoon in all of us !
  10. When my brother and I started Canberra Road Racing Club back in the 70s we had a sticker made. Along with the club logo, it said, "What Canberra needs is a road racing circuit", as we sought, unsuccessfully, to have a racetrack built in the ACT.

    Needless to say it took about two minutes for the lads to blank out the required words to have it say, "Canberra is a road racing circuit". The police were not amused!!!

    Micky that's a good one, but the entry to Victoria Road heading south is not to be trifled with, the exit line leads straight into a concrete wall, which I saw an unfortunate rider meet to bad effect last year....
  11. Wine glass bay all the way down in Bicheno Tasmania
  12. Yeah yeah blah blah whatever you reckon dude,

    In a car its a great corner but its shithouse on a bike.
  13. One of my favourite corners is on the freeway heading to the Western suburbs from the city. just after the koroit creek road exit there is this large sweeping bend, starting from the far right lane and then cutting across to the insode its just a perfect corner for me. hitting it at $2.20c is just amazing.
  14. The s bend under the rail bridge Mulvern station Melbourne. If you get a smooth clear run its bliss. :grin:
  15. Awww yeah

    Willmott-Lanhams in Winston Hills. First corner I scraped sneaker on, and even the truck gets a little bit sideways in the dry.
    Positive camber, smooth road, rising corner, mmmm.
    Happy days.
    Yeh - with pics n00bz!

  16. The first bend at either end of Dunns Creek Rd on the Mornington Peninsula.
  17. There is no 'one great corner' and as you gain more experience you will realise this, Grasshoppers. Some corners appeal more than others but, in truth, all corners on a bike are good and I say unto you, Hit 'em hard, smokin' the rear all the way through, and leave 'em on the back wheel with the front clawing at the sky. So endeth the lesson.....
  18. LOL come to Sydney.

    We have some shit ones.

  19. The very technical combination of a corner leading to the S curves a km or two before Lorne [Melbourne -> Lorne]. It always stood out as an awesome combination of corners - and the GOR is not short of corners.
  20. Any one of the constant radius curves in the last part of the black spur going back towards healesville. Particularly the right, left, right before the smallish straight which leads down the hill. The surface is pretty smooth and you can see through the most of the corners.

    I love that bit, could do it all day.