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The perfect brake test.

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Ljiljan, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Now to find a way to make it work on a motorcycle.

  2. Jeeeeeebus! :eek: I don't know whats more disconcerting.. .whether the braking guy did it because he was annoyed at the guy he overtook, or as some of the comments suggest, to get rear ended and then get an insurance payout!
  3. The guy he was overtaking sped up to try and stop him from getting past.
  4. both acts were low. that's why too much power is never enough so that overtaking is easy.

    if someone brake tested you, you can always follow them home.
  5. Did that little car even have brakes?
  6. If someone was following me, I'd take them on a journey through several multistory carparks.
  7. But noone even stopped to see if the people in the little car were ok!
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  8. wow, all drivers involved should be shot.
  9. In Soviet Russia little car stop for YOU!
  10. Idiots all round. Although...

    A while ago a friend and I were going for a drive through mt nebo (Brisbane's local mountain road :)) and as we were heading home a bmw driver decided to tailgate me with high beams on. I'm behaving at the area is frequented by polices, doing the limit and he's maybe a meter off the rear bumper at times and those HID's are bright as hell. A couple of km later he's still there despite a couple of soft brake checks and at times slowing right down to 40kph (80 limit). Asshat doesn't get the message to give some space and we can see him giving us the bird. Apparently he's in a hurry to get somewhere at 11pm

    The road we're on (nebo to samford for brisbanites) only has a couple of clean passing areas. Theres one around the next corner so I slow down to 40 again, giving the impression he can pass with ease. We go around the corner onto the straight and he gases it and goes onto the other side of the road.

    I should probably mention at this point he's in a newish 3 series with the non-turbo 6. We're in my 3000GT.. which was last dyno'd at 350hp at all 4 wheels.

    When he got to the door I floored it. We had the pleasure of watching his face as he realised that he had no chance in hell of passing or even keeping up. Then we got to watch him panic as he realised he was still on the wrong side of the road. He kept a fair distance back from that point.

    Moral of the story. Don't be an asshole. You might run into a bigger one :)
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  11. That's just stupid... and I am not talking about the driver. Not that he should have tailgated you but deliberately slowing down, brake checks etc are just stupid. If it is a tight road and another vehicle comes up behind you, good etiquette dictates that you pull over when safe and let them pass - not act like a douchebag.

    Then just acting like a douche on the straight is just even more stupid.

    You moron. Just another straight line hero.
  12. Reminds me of the supra from hell video. Love it.
    No. Some people deserve to get taught a lesson.
  13. How the hell is a lada ever going to speed up when it is already at highway speed! It just reminds me of Mr Bean an the blue robin, the dude just must hate ladas.