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the perfect bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by POPEYE, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. after 5 months of owning my 2009 GSXR600 & getting over the fact that hp is the be all and end all of biking i have relized its not quite the perfect bike for me....

    it is a great bike taking it down the old road or a short free way trip & i am sure it will be great down the track but in reality most of my daily riding is urban.

    you don't move around the bike as much when simply cruising along & this is really doing my mid back in.

    once you get used to the speed & power you relize you wish you had more bottom end & even mid range, its still buzzy & revvy, often your not sure whether to stay in 2nd too revvy, 3rd buzzy or 4th breathless when cruising down urban streets.

    if i fixed all these issues would i have the perfect bike?

    sit up & beg bars, bigger sprockets, power commander?

    Or do i need to buy a street fighter bike?

    cb 1000R, Z750, street triple look interesting for, would love to test ride the cb 1000 R atm?

    would love more grunt down low, comfort, & the handling of a 600

    would it be cheaper to mod my current bike, what would be the cost to bring it back to standard when its time to sell or should i get something purpose built as mentioned above?
  2. torque is king on the road.
    it would be a great project to streetfighter it. but a never ending quest to get it right.
    and then you have to sell it eventually.
    you should start window shopping i think. and probably think outside the inline 4 square.
  3. Get a mid-sized street fighter with a twin :demon:

    I was in the same situation - love to ride a ball breaker - but need a daily commuter....

    I ride a parallel twin ER6n..........nice and torquey
  4. the CB1000R is a really nice bike, lots of power down low, same engine as the cbr 1000 but tuned for low end torque and doesn't rev as high. definately worth a look.
  5. I've read somewhere that the cb1000r has the same torque figure at 6000rpm than the new 200hp zx10 has at 12000rpm....or something insane like that. Ultimate urban warrior?

    Sounds to me like one of them would suit you perfectly. Upright riding position, huge low down power (leave it in 3rd or even 4th and it'll pull like a train at any speed), and still handles like a sports bike
  6. Street Triple R?
  7. Street trip is a good suggestion. Light, short, nimble, upright, comfortable, good spread of torque, does great monos.

    @something_wild, that's because until you get to 10k, the 10R doesn't make much in the way of torque at all - at least compared to other litre sports bikes. It's very much like riding a 600 - a fast 600.
  8. Dorsdoduro 1200
  9. gaytona ,more torque and more comfy
  10. cbr250rr ?
  11. Actually for mainly urban riding, something like a KTM 690 SMC. Or the Duke 690 if you prefer that styling.
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  12. depends a bit on your size. Check out the speed triples too. Torque is the king of the road. 4 cylinders is fun on a back road with not enough traffic for the cops to bother you but in all reality how many of them are around.
  13. ktm superduke if you dont care for your licence or fuel consumption.
  14. The Street Triple would be a good choice.
    You mentioned the Z750,,,,NAH!! Go the Z1000!!!
    So much torque (More shear GRUNT for a better discripion!!) and can still be docile enough (with great restraint) to commute as I do (commute that is)
    As far a low down torque goes, I've had the Z down as low as 30km/h in top & it will just roll on without missing a beat!
    Semi upright riding position, Ive got a crook back also & riding my Z, I dont have any issues from the bike.
    Get down to a Kwaka dealer & at least test ride the Z1000.
  15. Sv650.

    I bought a Z750 coupla mths back, but couldn't bear to part with my SV, and truth be told, it continues to be my main ride (daily 50k round trip commute to CBD).
  16. Twins and Triples are a better bet for low-down torque and urban riding IMO. The Triumph Triples are particularly good at the moment.

    CB1000R is also really nice if you want that i4 character.
  17. I own a 2010 z1000. The bike is great, i could seriously commute in 4th gear. Will overtake normal traffic with ease in 4,5 or 6th gear from 50-60km/h. Will power wheelie second gear without breaking a sweat. The intake noise is unreal. Chain is a downright biatch to clean and lube so i would recommend a full single exhaust. Rode the FZ1 (similar top end), and CB1000r (felt lacking in all areas in contrast).
  18. Also rode a speed triple, fell in love with bike....but not with price.
  19. Ducati Diavel,

    nice comfy seat and upright riding position
    100 hp urban mode with plenty of torque
    162 hp touring and sports mode for when you want to get the hell out of there.