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The perfect bike for me......

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by norbie, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. Hi all.

    I have spent the last couple of hours scrolling through the many topics listed in your forums and have found a wealth of information. However, it has also had the unfortunate effect of completely confusing me.

    I would appreciate any advice, suggestions or help that you can provide. I apologise for the long post, but I want to ensure that all the relevant information is here so that I can get useful advice from you all.

    I am very keen to get a bike. I do not have my licence yet, but will do so as soon as I have found my bike. While I was initially leaning towards a sports bike (just love the look of full fairings), I have only just realised that this would mean that servicing would be more expensive and that insurance would cost more (I am new to this, remember!!!!).

    While the bike will be essentially for communting to and from work - this is an hour and a half trip along the Princess Hwy each day at 100k/hr - I will still be riding it quite allot over the weekend and whenever I get a chance.

    I have been looking closely at the sumoto advertisements - is that wailing and gnashing of teeth I can hear - but realise that this may not be a good idea. It is hard to look past though, considering the discount that I would receive on racing gear as well.

    Has anyone from outside of Vic bought a bike from sumoto? How did it go? The impression I get is that the after-sales service from sumoto is bad, however I will not be dealing with them afterwards.

    I live in NSW and about 175cm and 95kg. I will have a total of about $10,000 to spend. This is not only for the bike, but also for all the gear and ORC.

    What I would like from all of you is some advice.

    What is the perfect bike for me????????
  2. Well, considering you are in NSW and your size I would personally recommend not looking at the 250's, and instead looking at some of the LAMS approved motorcycles (within NSW you can ride bikes up to 600cc if not more provided they stay below a certain power:weight ratio) (see here for the official list). Something like the hysung comet 650 or the suzuki gs500 would both be great bikes (I know that you could get the hysung brand new with gear for the money you are willing).
  3. Hi Norbie, welcome.

    Dude, you're in NSW, you don't have to get a 250 like us poor Victorians. I've heard heaps of people recommend the Suzuki GS500, can be had with or without fairings : http://www.suzuki.com.au/motorbike_webpages/motorbikes_STREET.htm

    As for increased insurance premiums, not sure. I got an online quote for a Triumph Speed Triple (naked) and a Sprint ST (faired), quotes were the same. Might pay to ring around.

    Hope this helps.

  4. $10k is HEAPS :LOL:

    dont buy from sumoto, its not just the after sales service but the bikes themselves. i dont think i really need to go into detail here, just take it from me (and many others) that you want to pass on them.....

    now, gear you can get pretty cheap if you want but you have a fair bit of dollars at your disposal there. get a good helmet first, fibreglass not plastic. its summer now so buy the summer gear first, decent leather gloves and a pair of proper riding boots are essential, then you choose what gear best suits you. if you want the best protection, get leather, you cant beat it for holding yourself together. cordura gear is ALOT more convenient tho, and i'd say you'd be more comfy learning in something that moves a bit better like cordura tends to do. you could buy winter gear aswell at the same time but i'd say just hold onto a few hundred bucks and wait for some specials.

    your not gunna need that much for a bike unless you intend to buy new or want to grab a sports 250 from a dealer. i'd say go 2nd hand private and try some of the larger bikes rather than the little 250s seeing as your in NSW, they'll keep you happy ALOT longer.

    i dunno if your allowed to have them or not, but the CBR400 or similar would be about what you want i spose. i know you can have a bandit 400 or XJR400 and i doubt the CBR etc are that much more powerful :? or you could give one of the nakeds a shot, i know the two above are fine and the GS500 and ER5 are also ok.

    in the end, you really have to try a few bikes on first. dont just look at pics and specs on the net and decide from that, go check out what they feel like and whats comfy for you first....

    have fun.... $10k to play with!!! damn you lucky SOB :LOL:
  5. Thanks for all the info so far. You are all so helpful - and fast!!!

    Some other information that I did not include in my original post was that I would prefer to not to buy new, as I only intend to have the bike while I am restricted by my licence, and I am more than happy with the look of a naked bike.

    I have had a look at the rta list of approved bikes, but since I am not that familiar with the models, and it takes forever to search for each individual bike on the net, I have given up using that.

    I have looked at all the local stores here, and they have similar 250cc bikes for sale or bikes that are not learner-legal.

    It is looking like I may have to go private, which is a bit intimidating as I do not know the first thing about bikes and do not know anyone that can help me out in this respect. I will have to hope that I find someone that has 'an honest face'!
  6. If you don't want new, then you should be able to find some excellent deals on something like the gs500!

    Buying private is intimidating at anytime, especially when new to bikes. If you go that route check out: http://www.clarity.net/~adam/buying-bike.html . May give you some ideas on what to look for. When I was buying my first bike I printed it and brought it with me. I laid it beside the bike I was looking at and went through most of it (I skipped some of the steps).

    Have you looked at www.bikepoint.com.au and www.bikesales.com.au ? QUick and easy way to get some prices for various models etc. Two used bikes I quickly found (both well within your budget, from dealers in NSW- I have no clue where in NSW they are though...):
    Hyosung Comet
    Kawasaki ER-5

    (both bikes just below $7000, both low k's and quite new. You can get older bikes cheaper if you wish to save a bit mroe for when you upgrade)

    And finally - you should check out www.redbook.com.au to make sure that the price you are being offerred is reasonable.

    (Edit - a quick resource on bikes is at www.biketome.com/bikes )
  7. Some bikes (such as the Hyosung Comet 650) come in a restricted/detuned LAMS approved version and can easily be de-restricted once you are on your full license - just another option to think about. That way you get the benefits of a new machine (warranty, shiny-ness, depreciation :p), but don't feel like are going to have to spend up big again in a year or two.

    I think the Ducati 600 Monster might also come in a LAMS version, but that might have been a UK mag I saw that in ;)
  8. You are right about the ducati monster lams version. Salesman told me about it yesterday. A little pricey for me at the moment...
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