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The part of the VIC legislation that says.....

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by doonx, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. that if the traffic is stopped it's ok for a bike to ride up the side of a road etc ?

    Or am I wrong about that ?

  2. I was gonna ask a very similar question today...
    When traffic is stopped is it completely legal to split the lanes to get to the front of the queue?
  3. You thinkin' lane split or up the median strip side...or lane split to the front and prop in front of the white line?
  4. Doonks - if this is relation to your off, if you were in the inside lane and the traffic in the outside lane is stopped you are allowed to continue on, you don't have to stop if the traffic in the other lane is stopped.
  5. The answer to this question does not exist. There are a variety of opinions and experiences. Everyone knows a bloke who knows a bloke etc.....

    My conclusion is that it is illegal, but no one has ever been booked for it.
  6. not on the median strip.

    I want to know about Lane Splitting and using the inside lane on a 2 lane each way road where there are parked cars in the inside lane - if that makes sense ?
  7. I think this is called passing on the inside (or on the left). A mate of mine was booked for it in Vic while we were at University about fifteen years ago. Not sure if it still stands.
  8. IMO if you are in a "lane" (not including cycle lane) then it shouldn't matter what any other lane of traffic is doing. They may be stopped for a number of reasons, but if your way ahead is clear then fine.

    Different though if not in an actual lane.
  9. I wouldn't consider unused parking space on the side of the road to be a lane. Unless it was definately dual purpose (parking + traffic)
  10. Doonks, if you are passing up the inside lane you're are still able to do it, even if there are parked cars. Providing of course it's parking and driving space. You are travelling in the right wheeltrack area of the lane. Of course, it makes sense that you perhaps don't do it as one of the parked cars may pull out or someone opens a door, or in your case someone pulls across an intersection in front of you
  11. I think I understand. I would suggest that, since the cars are parked (ie: not just in stationary traffic) AND that the lane includes drive & parking options...

    so long as you stay between the lane divider and the marked parking bays, you are NOT passing on the left, you are NOT lane-splitting, you're simply driving (riding) in your lane past parked cars.

    Personally can't see that being a problem, which is why I do it too. Apart from the drivers of the parked cars who'll open doors without any thought to look first... be careful out there.
  12. Voyager's got it, that's what I was trying to say and making a hash of it.
  13. Pinching a piece from the MRAA site:
    One of the scooter guys spoke to a motorbike cop at the HART 'Ride for your Life' day on Sunday last, that nice policeman intimated that it was illegal, but if you were riding slowly past stationary traffic that they would not pick you up.

    My interpretation is that it is up to the judgement of the police observer (or the courts) as to whether you are 'riding dangerously', a not very satisfactory legal position.

    Sorry to hear about your 'orf Doonks.
  14. I have only ever heard of one person getting done - and that was in SA - https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=5883

    I agree from experience with ScooterHoot - splitting stationary vehicles is probably tolerated but not explicity legal. I have seen a guy lane split and land right next to a cop, they didn't seem to care.

    Do it at speed, and you may have a problem though.
  15. Plenty of discussion and threads about lane splitting in here and in the previous netrider and MRAA yahoo discussion forums.

    As far as I know, so long as you split STATIONARY traffic on the RHS and DON'T cross over the line, you'll be considered fully legal.

    Splitting on the LHS is technically passing on the left which is illegal...

    In the other states, lane splitting is illegal.


  16. Talk to Glen about lanesplitting with cops - he has a story about clipping a cops mirror.

    As for not explicitely legal that is true. There is no law saying "you can lanesplit". At the same time it is not explicitely illegal as you are technically not breaking any laws if done 'properly'.

    This is true for Vic - other states (like NSW) do have a law explitely stating lane splitting is illegal.
  17. correct as far as I understand
    a read of the Vic road rules supports that post
    whether its called lane splitting or filtering....
    I don't however recall the word 'stationary' being used
    the Vic road rules only make mention about not passing any vehicle
    on the LH side in the same lane
    unless that vehicle is turning right

  18. Don't forget to use your right-hand indicator too - technically you're overtaking the cars to the left of you, and indicating to do this is a good idea.

    That said, I've lane split past the same cop car at three sets of lights (he was speeding :roll: ) without him batting an eyelid at me. Just be sensible about it, and you should be fine.
  19. I think Doonks original post is about the legality as it relates to his collision.

    There's no doubt about the practicality situation of splitting/filtering in Victoria. There's no law that says it's illegal. There are ways to filter legally. The cops generaly don't chase you down if you technically filter heavy traffic illegally, i.e., without indicators, or on the LHS of a car.... unless of course you're being a total d$%khead....


  20. All other states than VIC i presume you mean...

    does this mean that other states have lane splitting legislation?