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The Parite Virus - how do you deal with it?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mjt57, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. Last night I turned on one of the computers. AVG Free suddenly popped up warnings that files were being infected with the parite virus.

    AVG couldn't deal with it, despite detecting it. It kept telling me that the vault was full and I couldn't move any more infected files to it. Only choice was to delete them. And I'm talking about the main apps' exe files that we use on this PC such as Firefox, Outlook, Office, and even AVG Free itself.

    I found some supposedly virus removal tools at the AVG Free and Bit Defender websites. I'm currently trying to clean them up but without any success.

    The virus is resident in memory so anything that's cleaned gets reinfected. 3 times now I've run the tools over the computer.

    I created a DOS boot CD with the tools on it. Booted off that. But that won't work as the tools are win32 apps...

    So, it looks like I have to reformat the HDD. Luckily all of the data that we have is stored on 3 other HDDs on the machine. I shall disconnect them before I start the rebuild and make sure that the anti-virus program is up and running with the new Windows install before I reconnect them so they can also be scanned.

    What is it with these sickos who deliberately set out to destroy people's hard work? They'll never meet them nor see what they've done. Are they down there with the likes of the psychos who deliberately hurt people and take pleasure in doing so?
  2. I'm pretty sure these sickos are just after you and the rest of us suffer because they hate you sooooooooooo much!
  3. I know one thing, it's and absolute prick of a virus to get rid of.
  4. Looks like that the Bit Defender anti-parite tool is doing the job. It seemed to clean it. But during the scanning/cleaning process it crashed. I rebooted the computer and it all seems OK. I then switched it off, waited a while and turned it on again. As it started up the AVG Free parite removal tool kicked in during the startup windows splash screen and is rescanning. So far it's found nothing. Just gotta figure out how to stop that program from auto starting.
  5. Try system Restore and go back a week before you got your virus, That might get rid of it.
    Mine usually gets rid of problems this way.
    I have Avaste pro, It gets rid of crap before it even gets in the computer. and if it does, I put it in the chest and it automatically sends it to Avaste and they play with it to find a cure, when they do, it automatically down loads into my computer and fixes it up.
    They also have a free home version which I had originally, and it was great too,