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The papers talking about squidding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Scooter drivers given dressing down on failure to wear safety clothing


    SCOOTER riders are putting fashion before safety and choosing high heels over leather boots, and motorcycle experts say their reluctance to wear the right clothing may be putting them at risk of serious injury.
    Scooter sales have soared from about 1000 in 2001 to more than 10,000 last year. But though most riders are new to two-wheel transport, the law requires only that they wear a helmet.
    Rob Smith, the manager of the riders' division at Motorcycling Australia, said scooter riders should be wearing the same safety gear as a motorcycle rider.
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    "There's an unfortunate mindset that comes with the term scooter," Mr Smith said. "It conjures up thoughts of a toy, something benign. I think of them as automatic motorcycles. Whether you fall off a motorcycle or a scooter at 60km/h, the result is the same. Any time you expose bare skin to the road, the outcome is obvious."
    However, Wensley Carroll, a scooter rider and salesman, rejected the suggestion that riders need better protection.
    "You ride your bicycle down the road at 60km/h with no brakes, no engine and [a very narrow] tyre on the road only wearing lycra," Mr Carroll said.
    "Scooters are not motorcycles. They have less power and they are sitting higher, so riders' reaction times are quicker because they can see further ahead."
    Rob Colligan of the Motorcycle Council of NSW said the government could not mandate what scooter riders should wear.
    "The issue is, what is the proper protective clothing? What is right in Sydney in winter is not going to be suitable for summer.''
    A spokesman for the Australian Medical Association, Dr Brian Owler, said the consequences of falling off while not wearing proper safety clothing were serious.
    "At some point there has to be owner onus. You have to assess the risk you are taking."


  2. Great, I hate scooters anyway; therefore more injuries = less metrofag's n there scooters on the road!

    J/K, it's setting a bad example for riders and putting further strain on the health system, as these guys will need tubes/lines coming out every orifice for much longer whilst in ICU!
  3. "the government could not mandate what scooter riders should wear."
    Thank Christ.
    Another media beatup full of BS. There is obviously skill involved in riding a scooter with high heels.
  4. This is why some people should not be allowed to operate machinery!

  5. As i said in my double thread (damn you goz), i lol'ed.
  6. So this helps you when a car pulls out in front of you how? Stupid woman. Physically they may be higher, do they have the riding skills to actually LOOK further ahead? Not the majority of scooter riders ive seen.

    How they dont get maimed more often astounds me.
  7. And the flow on effect to CTP premiums?
  8. "we can see further ahead...." to the next place to pull over for a latte, to do my hair, to change butt plugs, etc etc......his comment was probably the most stupid part of the story

    I've been riding a mate's vespa lately. they are fun for sub 10 km trips but you get no respect from other drivers ( i need a stick on the back that says "my other bike is a 1200" ) but after riding one along the warringah freeway and across the rosevill bridge, I realise how dinky, unstable and lacking in any manly features they are.

    he wants me to buy one of his 150cc vespa's for >$1K.....mmmmm, easy runabout?
  9. Physically sitting more upright and higher? Guess nobody rides nakeds, tourers, adventure tourers or dirtbikes anymore. :-k
  10. The scary thing is this twonk OWNS a scooter shop.......
  11. And in some incidents, being able to see further ahead won't do diddly because of line-of-sight restrictions that nobody can see over (eg: fences, trucks, busses). Certainly no reason to abandon armour.
  12. I love looking down on scooter girls wearing low cut dresses from my lofty perch aboard my dual sport.
  13. Matching orange t-shirt and scooter? If anything there should be a law against that.

  14. That guy sold me my scooter. He is a twonk. I saw him riding a 3 wheeler one day. Absolutly no respect.
  15. wtf!?
  16. what is the scooter accident profile against the accident profile of general motorcycles? I would have thought given their primary urban/commute patterns that accidents in real terms would be lower, and the risk of injury therefore lower??

    Having said that, nothing looks funnier than a scooter rider in full gear :LOL:.
  17. Cue boy.racer to enlighten us on the safety aspects of riding...

    Yet another squidding thread - woo hoo !!
  18. What ... a ... ****ing ... wanker!

    I can't think of any other way to put it.

  19. No brakes on a bicycle?????
    And the rest of that comment??
    Who the F&ck thought this knob's opinion was worth printing?
  20. this bloke needs to meet Harold Scruby; they sound like soul-mates :LOL: