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The Oxley Highway

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by jmck, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. In October, have 3 days free, so I am heading from the Gold Coast to ride the Oxley. So a day to get there, a day to get back, avoiding the M1 most of the way, I know the roads to take there and back, but what to do with my day on the Oxley; up & back? perhaps take a trip to Nabiac, take an hour out at the Motorcycle museum, then take Buckets to or from Gloucester?
    How would you spent a day on and around the Oxley Hwy?

  2. Laps.

    Fish and chips at Port Macquarie for lunch. Sophie's Kitchen. Don't know if it's still open though, it burnt down at one point, was superb.
  3. Love that part of the world.. After doing the Oxley, You Head back along Waterfall way on the way home.
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  4. Could even go Waterfall Way to Dorrigo, Summerland Way to Grafton, Summerland Way up to the border and then Mt. Lindesay Highway to get back into Brisvegas. :D

    Mt. Lindesay Northbound is pretty good (though the surface is a little choppy in places)
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  5. I've been told Gingers Creek Bush resort is a must visit if you want a decent feed.
  6. Gingers is a great spot to stop for a coffee & food...Bout 1/2 way down mountain. Long Flat Pub is also a great spot for a quiet ale at the end of the day (bottom of the mountain) Accommodation there also I think.
  7. You can stay at Gingers, accommodation is pretty basic but Gary the owner rides (Well, you would wouldn't you?).

    +1 for laps.
  8. Apsley Campground is near the Walcha end of the Oxley highway as an alternative place to camp/stay. Even if you don't camp it's got Apsley falls, a gorge, a few walks and it's all accessible by bitumen road.
  9. I'm keen to do the Oxley sometime lettuce know how your plans go, although I'll probably do it sooner than october maybe as a day trip
  10. Waterfall way is a long way for a two day. 12 hour days I would say.

    The usual route that I take is Richmond, Putty, Singleton, Dungog, Gloucestor, Walcha, Gingers, Long Flat. Then the reverse.

    Gloucestor to Walcha (thunderbolt hwy) is chopped up at the moment from rain. You need to be careful but it is a good road. I was up there the other weekend, it was very cold in Walcha as well so camping at Aspley would require some gear.

    There is accomodation at Seaview as well just below Gingers.
  11. When you say "Chopped up", do you mean that Thunderbolts Way is chopped up as per usual, or chopped up more than normal? :)
  12. More than it was last winter, if memory serves me right.

    There is also a couple kms of dirt roadwork but that might be compressed by the time you guys get there.
  13. Yuck. 'cause Thunderbolts ain't the smoothest piece of road at the best of times. Hooray for moderate-travel suspension? :)
  14. If your a little spirited with your riding, you can easy do Coffs / Waterfall way / Ebor / Armidale / Uralla / Walcha / P Mac = A good 450ks

    Then reverse back to Ebor, then miss waterfall way and head for Hernani / Namboidia / Couts Crossing / Grafton ( take care once on Hernani-Namboidia Rd it is technical and claims a several bikes each year ... the corners are deceptively tight in sections )

    Or from P Mac take the semi boring trip back up to Dorrigo Via Macksville and Bellingen, and stop at Taylors Arms pub for a night ... The original Pub with no Beer .. aka Slim Dustys song :angel:

    I only moved away from Coffs 2 years ago and this was a regular run of sorts :)
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  15. Sounds good, but the OP is thinking of leaving from his home town ... in QLD :rofl: :bolt:
  16. Damn good point.
  17. Thanks, Some great ideas there thanks guys, as I dont get down that way often Laps it is. So the plan, I think, Day 1: getting there, Kyogle; Casino; Summerland way to Grafton; Gwydir (a new one for me) to Glen Innes; then transport the New England Armidale on to Walcha - 600km 8 hours
    Day 2, play day: Walcha; Oxley to Pt Mac; double back to Walcha; Armidale to Dorrigo and Waterfall way and double back up to Dorrigo for the night – 625km 8 hours
    Day 3, back home: I love the road to Grafton through Nymboida, But what do you know about the Eastern Dorrigo way and The Orana Way?
  18. If you get to Bellingen make sure you hit the pie shop in the arcade a couple of shops past the pub.Best sausage rolls I have had in many years.
  19. will do Last time I was up that way I had a very ordinary B&E in Dorrigo, you know the cafe with the mini bike museum, yuk.
  20. This is a good route. I wouldn't go all the way to Port from the Oxley, there is only just heaps of traffic after Wachope. I would probably turn around at Long Flat.

    On the way home you could turn off the Armidale Grafton road to Dorrigo then down to Coramba (this is very good windy roads). Then up to grafton via Glenreagh which is more open but quiet of traffic.

    You could also turn off at Coraki and go to Lismore then Nimbin then across the range To Murwillumbah.

    Watch the roos up near Walcha, especially at dusk.