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The other Whitey's new bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Whitey, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. This now makes 2 of the Netrider Whitey's (Whitie) having a newer white bike. Picked up a 2011 plated MY12 Street Triple R earlier this week.

    It's a Street Triple R. Don't really need to say much about it because everything's already been said in other threads about these bikes.

    Obligatory photos as required in a new bike thread.


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  2. nice going dude.
    i don't mind these bikes but the funny headlights have never sat right with me, a problem I have with many modern motorcycles.
    have fun with it!!
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  3. Lovely bike.

    I still find it fascinating in this techo age in which we live the triple still has a cable clutch :LOL:
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  4. Congrats on the new ride. Heard a lot of good things about these.

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  5. well done, all it needs now is bar end mirrors and a bellypan
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  6. Nice work Al, now get out there and play with it till you know it inside out...
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  7. Nice bike. Congrats. (y)

    As Kernel said, I don't agree with the headlights but excepting them, an awesome looking bike nevertheless.
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  8. Thanks all,

    already ordered. Just waiting on delivery.

    I actually prefer the new style headlights over the older ones, especially once the fly screen is on the bike. Just ties it all together better.

    Been out in the garage this morning installing sliders, techspecs, trickle charger. Clean, lube, adjust chain, adjust lever positions, tyre pressures and set suspension to standard settings.

    Just waiting on some other goodies to arrive and better weather now to get out and ride

  9. Not a fan of naked bikes personally, but these would look great without the funny headlight.
  10. well the old style healights are literally a plug in item.
  11. nice bike dude.
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  12. nice one, have fun:D
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  13. Nice one Al, I have one on order too, hopefully mine will arrive in the next 2 weeks.
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  14. Ultram, what colour have you gone for?

  15. I went for the black, but it was certainly a toss up, I was very tempted to go the white.
  16. Nice choice Al!
    Haute looking bike for sure.
    You've had a few changes for late haven't you?

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  17. Might be one of the other Whitey's/Whities/Whiteyys thats had a few changes. My last bike I had for around 2 years. This one should be a keeper though

  18. Fk fk fk, sorry Bro!
    Same things happen with me and Chris cjvfr, where's I'm CF VFR

    Still, noice bike!

  19. I doing the congrats a little late.

    But congrats and love the white as the new black.
  20. You got that from ABS in bendigo didnt you! Bugger I was going to get that, you beat me to it! Congratulations.