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The other two wheels...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by mav, May 6, 2011.

  1. What is it with cyclists dressed in the skin tight micro short shorts and lyra short sleeve tops on a 9 degree early morning and filter to the middle of a large busy peak hour major intersection at a red light, and stop way out in no man's land and sit there like a ****ing gay white skinny peacock and not get hit by cross traffic???

    Why won't anyone hit the bastard?? He is metres and metres away from all of us stopped traffic, we're not gonna get hit by and splatter or bicycle pedals, he gets to the front so he can holds everyone up especially when he has a group of his cock-sucking friends with him, while he sedately takes his sweet ****ing time to use our roads that we pay to use!!!!

    Because the road is there to share??? GET ****ED!

    Next time can i please use my VTR and turn him into roadkill with my 300kg of rage (bike + rider) when the lights go green??

    Someone give me a motor cycle snow plough so i can clear the ****ing roads.

    /end rant

  2. ](*,) Hmmm, good thing its Friday or I’d have a rant of my own…
  3. Someone show blow up cyclists
  4. Roll up next to him and ask if he knows that he forgot his engine this morning.
    They love that.
  5. Hmm. See, I actually just got home from a ride on my own pushbike and I commute via pushbike as well.

    Really, really not appreciated.

    And the amount of times I have people scream up beside me just to get stopped at the next set of traffic lights... I hate to hold people up, but god, you just give up caring after the 1000th short-sighted moron overtakes you in a dangerous manner just to get stuck at a stop sign/red light.

    I drive, and ride both kinds of bike. You won't find a more unbiased opinion in road matters than mine. You'll find that, during peak our traffic, a pushbike will take maybe 5 minutes longer than a motorbike trip if you take the exact same route, and a car will take maybe 15 minutes longer than a pushbike. This is my experience.

    I'm sure this is a topic that has been done to death.

    But whenever I split to the front on my pushbike and a motorbike comes up behind me, i always wave him in front of me because i know how annoying it is to be stuck behind a cyclist (and thats as a cyclist).

    Also, I'm ex-bicycle courier. So i'm not a weekend warrior.

    So give us a break. We're just trying to get to work too.
  6. Three things I don't like about cyclist;
    1. I hate seeing them at the cafe when I walk down the street, the last thing I wanna see when ordering a coffee or breakfast is a mans package tightly hugged by lycra.

    2. When they keep asking for cars to be courteous because they have a right to use the road, but then blatantly break road rules. Most common one is running the red light.

    3. They're fitter than me
  7. whats with all them wankers dressed up like casey stoner with all the gear on their roadbikes, dont they know they forgot their other two wheels? who are they trying to impress with all that leather.

    i hate it when i'm stuck behind a rider when i want to get food, all i seem to smell is petrol and hear about how many times they broke the law on that ride..
  8. I agree that the Roads should be available for use by vehicles that have been approved for and charged for the use of the facilities (any vehicle that is registered, roadworthy and has a number plate - Please do not say "duh, what about trailers?"). I have nothing against cyclists, however they do mess with the flow of the traffic. The traffic light to traffic light thing is only really valid in the City. These guys are riding their bikes all over the place and they are just plain in the way and in danger.
  9. Not to mention, they can be a road hazard.
  10. Or that you can see their balls. :D I imagine that would go down well :D

    @ad91on: like every group you have the f-wits. Cyclists just seem to have a larger proportion than most. Possibly because there are so many middle aged cagers that ride a pushbike like they drive their fat european overcompensation with wheels. That is, with no clue.

    The op was about a cyclist breaking the road rules, holding people up and generally being a feggello dressed in something the majority of women would never wear.

    For the most part, cyclists are polite and well aware of their situation. They do the right thing and everything works smoothly. But you get the occasional one that just pisses you off. Just like you get the occasional ricer in his dads VY trying to drift and drag people or boy racer on a thou trying to get a knee down in peak hour traffic.

    @Mav: great rant dude. Made me laugh :D Great description too...
  11. Last time I looked leather was a good form of protective equipment when sliding along asphalt.
  12. [-X they don't belong on the roads, they belong on bicycle tracks.
    special tracks have been built just for them. very lovely scenery, lots of trees and bushes to hide behind and have gay buttsecs with each other.
    they need to GTFO the road :-$
    and get back on their special bicycle tracks.
    i don't care what they do with each other, what they choose to wear, between consenting adults on their special bicycle tracks, none of my business.
    but not in my face on public roads :nail:
  13. +1,000,000,000,000 monkeyman

  14. Rego doesn't pay for the roads. It pays to administer the risk and cost to society that your vehicle represents.

    Taxes pay for roads and I pay my fair farking share & two rego's to boot. So when I hear a whinging girley motorcyclist having a farking sook that they couldn't manoeuvre their motorised bike past an underpowered cyclist, it makes me want to grab their licenses & give them a box of Kleenex in return.

    Geesuz almighty.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  15. dont let facts get in the way of an argument, its unsporting
  16. Spot on, Monkeyman. Bob Carr(nt) spent millions of dollars building a two-lane bicycle track beside Windsor Road. I travel on this road every day. On the weekends, all the lycra boys are out, riding two- or three-abreast ( illegal ) ON THE BLOODY ROAD !!

    Another point - can someone please explain to me, if people ride to get fit, why do so many ride ultra-light, $10,000, 18-speeders with rubber-band tyres and wear lycra ? I thought they'd get fitter faster riding a steel KMart special fixie whilst wearing loose, wind-catching clothing ?
  17. Its not about 1 motorcyclist wingeing. Its about the kaos caused for kilometers due to people having to merge from the left lane to avoid the moron who is taking up half a lane on his piece of crap that is traveling at 8km/h in a 70km/h zone.

    Are you aware that in a car or on a motorbike you can be booked for going too slow? The reason is that you are a hazard to other road users!!!!

    Go figure.

    Hows that for logic?

  18. You have quite a specific situation there, friend.

    There are also many holes in this argument.

    And i'm also struggling to understand specifically who everyone is trying to attack here. Are you all trying to shoot down weekend riders who, lets be honest, are a bit shit and are trying to socialize while riding and don't know the back ways, or the people who are just trying to get somewhere?

    Lumping everyone together is a bit shit, too.

    For example. I know how fast i go, i have a speedo on my bike. I'm quite happy travelling 40km/h in a 50 zone, because i know that a car would get away doing just that - travelling 40km/h in a 50 zone. I also know that a car can go around me if they want. I also know that alot of people are quite happy doing 40 in a 50 zone. I also know that I'm riding well within my limits and that I'm not causing anyone any undue distress or delay, unless they choose to sit behind me, which is their own problem.

    I'm also quite happy to filter to the front at lights because any competent driver can get around as there's really plenty of room (if the rider is competent enough to no be swerving all over the road, which you do see) in most situations. As far as riders using arterial roads, i know most try and avoid this but there are situations in which it is unavoidable or even preferable in many cases (i.e when clearways/buslanes are in operation - avoiding the dreaded 'door zone')

    And have you ever used a cycleway? they are rubbish. I was on one of them in light drizzle in the CBD not to long ago and the surface is so catastrophically bad that, under light breaking in a straight line, i lost all traction going about 15km/h and fell off my bike for the first time in 2 years and 10,000kmhs.

    So, like robsalvv said, if you can't get around a cyclist you're a shit driver/rider, need to harden up, accept that humans have genitalia and get over it. So what if it costs you 5 seconds of your time. Build a bridge.

    Oh, and other road users are hazards to other road users. Might point that out.

    troll out
  19. :rofl:
  20. Most of the filtering topics bought up on this forum result in advice to the tune of "if you filter, make sure you have enough power/skill" to get off the lights in front of the cars so as not to hold up traffic." But on a bicycle it's ok to do that?

    Most of the roads around my area are shite, riddled with potholes, different layered surfaces and debris. Should I drive my car in the brand new cycle lanes next to the road?