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the other new ride - Triumph Sprint ST

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by tiggers, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Had secured a Suzuki bandit from a dealer and was due to pick up last weekend. Friday night I thought 'ahh better do a revs check' hadn't thought of it before because it was a reputable dealer....

    Came back as a repaired write off - lesson learned, cancelled the deal.

    Dealer claims not to have known - but quickly returned my $$$

    So now have this......

    sprint1 (Medium).

    sprint2 (Medium).

    sprint3 (Medium).

    Its slightly older than I had planned on, has 29,000 K's on the clock, full service history and is immaculate for a 2000 model, not a mark on her.

    She sounds fantastic with the trumpy race pipe.
  2. Which reminds me: you and me haven't been riding for a while...
  3. Yep - depending on the dates I'll be up for that over nighter
  4. Nice pick up.

    The only minor issue I had when I test rode a ST was the heat on my legs. Bandit doesn't seem to have issue. Needless to say, I could quite easily have a Sprint ST in my garage along with the Bandit and the GSX1400 (y)
  5. Thanks Four,

    I haven't found the heat an issue but it has pissed down for the last week.
  6. The good thing about the revs check is its free, you only have to pay for the certificate if you want to. In that case I would expect a dealership to check themselves.. What dealer was this?
  7. Based on the dealers response and quick resolution I'm not going to name and shame.
  8. I looked at one of those as my unrestricted bike... the clutch was wayyyy too heavy, which was a pity, otherwise it would have been my steed. Still have a soft spot for them. 'gratz.
  9. Thanks Rob - can't say I've noticed the clutch being any heavier than the KLR.

    Spent the week getting to know her in my rush hour commute.