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The other New Guy!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Devel, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. Hey guys!

    I am currently on my L's and have had them for almost 4 months now. I live in Nowra and don't have any friends that ride, so i primarily ride to get to work... or just cause I can.

    The reason I got my L's is simple... ish. so after being given patchs to quit smoking by my doctor(I wasn't exactly keen to quit, took me 3 days till i actually used them) I decided i would need a goal to work towards, that ended up being to get a motorbike. Needless to say i haven't had a smoke since but have loved every minute on the bike.

    The bad... Within the first week of having the bike I had already come off it. I went to fast (for me) into a corner and target fixated on the gutter... so my bike now has a lovely rash all down the side and I learn't never to target fixate the hard way.

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  2. Well that's one way of learning, welcome aboard and stay aboard.
  3. Watch out! OldmaidOldmaid is heading your way in just a few sleeps! Welcome mate! And just take it easy for a while. You will learn quickly.
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  4. Welcome to the forum! Theres plenty of rides to attend , practice sessions etc..

    I'm sure you'll find a riding buddy or 2 within no time.. :)
  5. welcome!

    plenty of great rides around your area, and a few particularly good roads for practicing corners on your L's at Kiama and Mt Cambewarra :)
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  6. There are definitely some very nice places to go around here. Gotta love those mountains! I actually came off going down Mt Cambewarra :cautious:
  7. we'll have to organise a group pootle down your way in the near future :)

    maybe Hyper-Hyper coffee without the camping?
  8. Welcome Devel, don't worry too much about the off, learn and move on. There are a few Netriders in your area or over towards the coast. Perhaps you can hook up with some of those. If you want someone to discuss your riding with, put your hand up in the Mentor thread.
  9. welcome aboard :] glad to see you and the bike are ok
  10. Welcome! Don't feel too bad about the rash, almost all of us do something similar at some point. Just try to feel bad enough about it so the lesson sticks. ;)
  11. Welcome aboard, and glad you and the steed are okay (mostly).
  12. Thanks for all the welcomes!
    I definitely learn't my lesson. I feel more confident on the bike since having the off. I do hate that I damaged the bike though.
  13. Welcome to the forum and a lifetime of addiction to something non-nicotene!
  14. Welcome to NR..