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The only time I still drive my car is when...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mahoney, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. Since I got my bike, I use my car for 3 things.

    - Bulk beer, like more than a 6 pack
    - Bulk dunny roll also, more than a 6 pack
    - Going to the pub for dinner, where 2 beers is both under the limit and fine when I pilot a vehicle that won't fall over if I turn a corner badly, but more than I'm willing to risk on my beautiful shiny new steed.

    Whats your reason for keeping the cage hanging around?
  2. june, july
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  3. When the bike goes in for a service - which is going to be in the next week or two, or taking the kids to netball/football...
  4. When I work. Yeah.
  5. when taxing kids, well young bloke's been on the back of the bike when he promises not blab to his mum lol
  6. i'm a parent. the car MUST stay.
    though it is (by car standards) a bucket of shit
  7. Have a child on the way, so can't get rid of the car. That said, it's a lovely car and nice to drive. So probably outings with the family and shopping
  8. I'm with forgotten!

    Crappy bomadore!
  9. Should try a "The only time I still ride my bike is when..." topic.

    I ride to work everyday, does that count?
  10. I've never owned a car, but there's times when I wish that I do, usually because it's so friggin' cold or wet. You get over that after a few years (well, commuting for me is just a function, the real riding happens outside of the city). Plus sometimes I feel like being lazy compared to the survival hyper-vigilance that goes with riding.

  11. I'm assuming you're talking about your pushie right? my previous 2 wheeled obsession was with the non-motorized variety, and my missus is o.s at the moment, and has been since I've had the moto, I've had to start calling them fastbike and slowbike to differentiate between them so she know's wtf I've been up to!

    Needless to say, slowbike has been pretty neglected lately, but not as much as slowboringstuckintrafficgeezthistrafficisbullshitcar!
  12. i tax our kids too actualy ive been told im a very taxing person to be with
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  13. No reasonable spot to park the bike at work at the moment has changed bike from being a regular commuter to a garage ornament - far too public a place with cars and buses and trucks and utes and boats where it would be sitting. Far too easy for it to be disappeared... insured yes, but i dont want to beg for it to disappear.
    So its currently a week-off-er or a quick squirt to the shop after work or whatever.

    Right at this second its at the mechanic though :p, with bits of it down in victoria.
  14. lol well you know what I mean, but I would like to be taxing the kids, god knows the amoutn of ball bustin they do lol as kids do!!
  15. My Commodore has actually found a way to make itself quite useful these days, it doubles as a blockage to limit access to my backyard from the driveway :applause:

    Oh and the occasional lift to the station for some mates!!:angel:
  16. I do not currently own a car. But I plan on getting my car license and getting a car fairly soon, ie within the next 6 months. I am most likely going to start an electrical apprenticeship after the end of my pre-apprenticeship course and I envision that my job will require the use of a car. There's also times where I see a used item on ebay like a pedestal drill or a mitre saw or a welding table. I want the item but I have no way of transporting it to my house. A car with a trailer being towed behind it would work great. There's also the issue of transporting my bass amp but I've never had to yet. There's also those days where it's quite wet and I've got to get to somewhere - I have travelled from Melbourne to Kyneton in heavy rain once. A car would be useful. Also there might come a time when it would be benefitial to have a car if some mates need a lift somewhere. If I had a car I could pick my girlfriend up and take her places. If I had a car... etc, etc.
    But for all the other times, general commuting, light luggage transporting, and just going 'for a cruise', the bike is what is going to be used.
  17. Getting a blowy in the front seat.
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  18. I dont own a car, but i hire a car when i want to take my bike to the track
  19. I take my car most of the time atm, only because I don't pay for fuel for it, but I do on the bike...
    But to all the people that say the only have a car (or want one) so they can give their mates a lift. Seriously!? After me being the only one out of my group of friends with a 4 door sedan, I've been using the bike as an excuse to NOT drive their arses around! And I'm going to a 2 door car just to cement the issue!
  20. I'm roughly keeping track of milage.

    This year:

    80km - car (4WD)
    2500km - Bike!

    Currently comuting 300km/week.