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The only thread you need

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Scrambles, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Squidding speeding wheelies smoking whilst riding muslims racism dropped-bike t-shirts and shorts drugs-are-bad punched a taxi ran over by taxi how do street lights work knee down ipod bugs deleted posts moderators are gay burnouts chicks on scooters men on scooters tire pressure Ktulu fell off again lane splitting ran out of fuel what fuel insurance can't lean running wide WTF girls on bikes nodding what should I buy which foot down cager trucks

  2. you forgot to nod :wink:
  3. Ahh thank you dear...how could I forget?

  4. Which 250 should I buy???Are CBR250RRR's faster than ZX2RRRRR's?? Or would a NSR150RRRR beat them all? :grin:
  5. *nods*, your welcome :LOL:
  6. Doesn't know whether to nod back or not...has personal crisis then drops bike.
  7. Depends on how deep ya wallet is
  8. Nods politely
  9. :WStupid:
    but totally :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    BTW .... welcome & search is your friend :p
  10. You forgot . . "Is 50cc enough or should I get 125cc as minimum" !

    Seems you don't read the Scooter section !!! :LOL:
  11. Yeah but no one reads that... :p
  12. wait there is a scooter section???? when did that happen?
  13. And
    Riding a GSXR CBR ZXR ... 1000 on restrictions
  14. bike lanes, thongs, can't turn right, fcuking 4wds, tatts, NADS, hyosungs suck/rule, stupid yanks, harleys/scooters/bmw suck/rule :LOL: