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The one that got away - not VicPol's finest hour.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Very embarassing here...

    Driver flees after high-speed police chase across Victoria

    A WILD police chase that stretched 130km across Victoria reached speeds of up to 160km/h before the offender slammed into a pole and fled just north of Melbourne.

    The pursuit began in Benalla early this morning when police observed a suspicious silver Holden Barina travelling south on the Hume Fwy at Winton just after midnight.

    As they attempted to intercept the vehicle, it sped off and continued along the Hume.

    Police deployed spiked stop sticks along the freeway but the car managed to avoid them and continued on towards Melbourne.

    Police continued to pursue the Barina, reaching speeds of 160km/h, before terminating at Clonbinane due to wet weather.

    The car slammed into a pole on Plenty Rd near the Ring Road at Bundoora just after 7am.

    Police said the driver fled the scene and a search of the area failed to locate the man.

    original story here...
  2. Now make up your mind. Was it a 'high speed chase', or was it 'reached speeds of 160kph'? One or the other .......

    Couldn't they find third gear? :rofl:
  3. Wow...160km/hr in a Barina, didn't think that was possible...so why do HWP have such high powered vehicles?
  4. no-one gets away.
    they just mysteriously crash shortly AFTER the pursuit is terminated :wink::wink:
  5. Ok so they can keep up with the vehicle easily enough but realistically what can they do to stop the car??

    This isn't the USA where they happily force the car off the road so if the driver wont stop they can only keep following it until the drivers stops or crashes.
  6. G'day everyone,...

    ...or runs out of fuel,....

    Dr Who?
  7. Nice artwork 'WHO', reckon a rear tyre 'blowout' would have slowed the barina in no time
  8. If the chase was over 130km of road, then the cops had plenty of time to get 3 more vehicles on the chase and perform a mobile block manoeuvre. (bow them in, and slow them down).
  9. The only way a Barina would reach 160kph would be if you flew it up to 10,000 in the back of one of these big cargo planes where the rear doors open and pushed it out the back without a parachute.
  10. They're not officially allowed to, doesn't mean it doesn't happen. There was a police chase involving a member here posted a while ago that had audio calling for the police driver to ram the rider off his bike.
  11. 62 kays from Clonbinane where the pursuit was called of, to Bundoora where the Barina allegedly crashed. If you're suggesting that ere was a short time between those two locations, then fark it must have been moving!? =D> What is the terminal velocity of a Barina?
  12. lol. If I were after a barina in a big hairy V8 and couldn't get it stopped after a minute or two I'd probably call the chase off too
  13. Chase started at midnight at Winton, called off at clonbinane 130k's further, probably about 50 minutes later. That's 12:50am. Car crashed into pole 60 k's down the track and 6 hours later. mmmkay.
  14. I have a Barina as a daily, and although it's slow getting there it will do over 160.
  15. They must have got alot of circle work in, in that 6 hours. Surely six hours of going in circles is enough to cause someone to get dizzy and run off the road. 8-[
  16. as long as you can evade the cars in under 15 minutes, your home free............
    takes that long to get it airborne......... thats if its already out of the hangar
  17. If you can't evade the cars in under ONE minute - completely out of sight and taken a turn or two - then you shouldn't have run. If they're still chasing you after a minute and still keeping up, you have a very good chance of being dead very soon. Stop and take your beating before they start shooting at you or trying to force you into something solid or coming the other way.
  18. and dont forget they have to do over your speed to catch up.....
    and significantly faster to do it any decent amount of time.
  19. Map, Locations of incidents marked in order, finshing at F & G: http://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=G...drLoDCQ&vpsrc=6&mra=dme&mrsp=0&sz=17&t=h&z=16

    Was watching some action around Kingsford yesterday for those who know the area. Driving west along Gardiner's Rd about 400 meters from the Kingsford roundabout had an unmarked drive the other way, sirens going. Get to the lights at bunnerong and watch another car and a van turn out of bunnerong towards anzac. The car was in front and went through the roundabout north onto anzac. The van was a bit behind, caught by some traffic, but when it could move instead of continuing it turned the wrong way into the roundbout and did a u-turn (cutting out the roundabout). Came back and turned onto Gardiners in the same direction it had originally been going.

    Continued driving down Bunnerong and passed a 4WD heading towards Kinsford and there was another one back in the distance but I had turned off by then. A minute later I was on Anzac at broadbent street and saw another two come past, one quite some distance behind the first, both heading into kingsford. That car slowed and did a u-turn across the access road anzac has and went back towards maroubra. About 30 seconds later, 4 in succession (all cars seen before) coming back down Anzac Pde towards Maroubra. Two turned up into Avoca while the others all went down and turned up Moverly Rd. At the same time two more cars came out of Snape St and went straight into Moverly. Then following some distance from the original 4 was an unmarked camry. That made me laugh.

    Had to go release a turd at that point so missed any more action but sirens continued for another several minutes before dying off.

    Yes, you might be able to get away from that one car. But the rest? Odd's aren't in your favour.