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The one that DIDN'T get away.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rc36, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. OK, fess up, all you far north coast NR'ers. Who's missing something???

  2. $10,000 ?!?!

    I wonder how police will find the owner of that $8,000

    Of course, there's a chance the $5,000 could be part of some drug operation, so the police will probably put that $3,000 straight into the evidence room, to await a formal investigation by detectives to determine who really owns the $1000
  3. lol exactly.

    I wonder how much they really fished out in the first place
  4. $100 000 with 5 zero's. All the media attention will make sure that the boys get all of it back if no one claims it
  5. Who would claim it? Honestly. You've only got $100,000 in cash if you're up to something shifty. Claiming it will raise questions about why you had that much in cash to begin with, and then why it ended up in the river...
  6. Would anyone here have handed it in?
    Seriously the assumption would be pretty high that it's ill gotten gains so it's up for grabs.
    Keep and tell no one?
  7. Just wouldnt work. They are kids, got no big ticket items to blow 100 large on, and even if they did, people would start asking questions about how they sourced them. If they put it in the bank it would trigger all sorts of alarms, what are kids doing depositing 100g?

    Tell no-one and do what? Keep it until it rots?

    You are most likely correct that its bad money, so chance of someone claiming it is very low, and by making sure the media know, they ensure they will get it all back from the cops. Then once its theirs and legit, they can do whatever they want with it, freely.
  8. No doubt the money is "hot", but would I hand it in? Of course I would. What a stupid question. Takes the "Dumb" prize today.
  9. I'm talking about what you would do, hypothetically.
    Me, keep it and splash out here and there in amounts here and there.
    You'd be stupid to do it all in one go.
  10. Why is it dumb?
    Why are you passing on your moral beliefs and passing judgement?
    It's not a dumb question and I'll ask you to withdraw that remark
  11. hypothetically I'd be handing it in. I would want to throw it all in bank for a while till I have a real use for it, and it would be hard to explain how a guy on youth allowance can deposit hundred grand. the money would be hot, and will stay hot until it gets handed in and handed back to you ;)
  12. Then the "owners" will suss out who you are and you'll end up in that same creek chained to a concrete block. Corrupt coppers are easier to find than a bag of money in a creek
  13. I would keep it, providing it was plastic and not the old paper money. I would ensure the money was genuine and check all the serial numbers for sequences and patterns (we're only talking one thousand $100 bills here). I would throw it into the washing machine on a warm wash with powder (if it's drug money, there could be "herb" traces).

    It would never hit the bank. I would merely reduce my bank withdrawals each month and start making purchases with cash. The purchases would be made in an area which I don't live in. I would spend the money over at least five years. I would tell NO ONE. Sorry folks!

    This all reminds me of "A Simple Plan". :p
  14. LMAO.

    Im with smee keep the money be smart about it and tell no one. Id only take half that way if theres more than 1 they would suspect themselves and will probably be less suspicious and motivated to find me if half there cash is still there. Handing it in is only going to piss the owner/s off and there only way to get it back is through you.
  15. Don't hold your breath, pal. Although I will say that is was marginally less stupid than most of the crap that you post.
  16. If i found it , it'd be my little secret, my pay would go in the bank and be used to pay rents get some savings going etc, the 100grand would be useful, would feed the kids for almost 2 weeks now!
  17. If you're going to spend it, you'd be smart to do it in small amounts. Use it to cover shopping, clothing, beer, petrol costs and other expenses over many, many years while your bank balance grows apparently legitimately. Then use legitimately earn money you've been able to save for bigger things like bikes, boats etc with no questions asked. :)
  18. If you won lotto, would you give the money back?

    If you found $100grand, would you give the money back?

    I don't see much difference. I know what my answers are and they are both the same.
  19. money? what money?
  20. Thats true, but that's the beauty of the media. The last thing bent copper's in a bent area want is attention, they just like everything running as normal. If the same kids that just recently found $100'000 wind up in a ditch, the media will be all over it, with massive pressure for many arrests and explanations, and carry the likelihood of sackings where appropriate. Local cop's will not want film crews and newspapers and various radio stations from all over the country breathing down their neck and so for this reason the kids will stay safe.

    So while they might have unwittingly stuck their neck out, at the same time they have essentially bought themselves a huge insurance policy by bringing the media in. While they can be unhelpful and massively sensational, in this instance it will work out to the little people's favour.

    licensed: it's not giving it back, because it is highly unlikely to be claimed.all your doing is bringing it back into circulation, and turning it to clean money at the same time.

    And if you do keep it, not hand it in, speed_demon and seany are on the right track. Would have to be very smart and very subtle.