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The one sentence story

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by hornet, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. Here's a challenge for which the forum would seem to be tailor-made.

    The challenge is to write a story, collectively.

    Here's the rules

    1. The story must be about a motorcycle, and 1 or several motorcyclists (natch)

    2. It must be completed with a satisfactory conclusion by the bottom of the fifth page of posts.

    3. At the risk of curbing the lurid imagination of some of our esteemed brethren and ladies, please keep the story out of the gutter. You may veer into gentle double-entendre, but we are not writing a porno script, we are writing a motorcycling story.

    Now the really hard two rules.

    4. You can only write one sentence, so think carefully about what you write, because.....

    5. You can only post ONE sentence per person who takes up the challenge. (In other words, you only get to contribute one sentence to the whole story.) So no pseudonyms, no multiple identities; let's keep it honest and fun.

    So, let me start.

    After more than a year of saving and doing without everything except food and lodgings, (and thanks to a kindly bequest from his late auntie Maude), Alan finally had enough money to buy the bike of his dreams.
  2. As a celebrattion, Alan ordered a Mexican and Hawiian pizza, which was delivered express by the lovely blonde topless sweet cute thing and her two similarly attired nymphomaniac girl friends.
  3. After pizza , allen went to southbank coffee to show of his pride and joy.
  4. It was a Honda CT110, in Fire-Truck red.
  5. with pink tassles and a basket with a flower on the front, a real lady killer in anyones eyes.
  6. Naturally, Alan had fitted nitrous and a supercharger to give it some serious mumbo.
  7. The other members were suitable impressed, especially by the neons and a big smokey burnout as he left the gathering.
  8. But while Allan was now happy with his motorbicycle he was not attired correctly for Nitrous, so he hoped that Maudes husband Ernie would maybe bequeath him some more when he passed on (which would be soon by all accounts) meanwhile there was always the pizza girls.
  9. One of the onlookers just happened to be the CEO of Australia Post and immediatly began considering a new direction for the "express post" advertising campaign.
  10. back at his house the lovely blonde topless sweet cute thing and her two similarly attired nymphomaniac girl friends had finished eating the pizza and started eating eachother.
  11. But the phone started ringing and Allan was distracted from the cheap live pornography in his loungeroom.
  12. Alan missed all this because he was in the garage trying to figure out how he could get even more performance out of his "postie"
  13. He tinkered away restlessly, a large amount of white powder clearly visible just beneath his right nostril.
  14. At a location in the central australian desert, a lone intelligence officer was tracking an unidentified object entering the atmosphere over Melbourne.
  15. Obviously Alan's wife had been putting talcum powder in his gloves again (sorry a joke for those in the know), he was shocked to think that his wife would be home any minute and the two topless nympho pizza girls were still in the lounge room.
  16. Could he trust his wife with them, Allan had to wonder?
  17. More importantly, what could he do to make his Honda look more like a Yamaha. While not increasing his insurance premium?
    Flexible Fuel Vehicle
  18. <bump> i wanna hear how this story ends... :LOL:
  19. Allan thought for a while, before calling his mate (anyone know who it might have been?), who, with a few quick turns of his trusty bench lathe, fabricated new extended rake front forks and forward-mounted controls for Allan's beloved postie.