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The old Z goes great on gravel........

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by typhoon, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. When someone forces you off the end of teh merge lane!
    I was riding to work as I usually do, and at the end of two lanes, the usual merge lane. I am doing 95 or so (in a 90 zone), letting people who want to pass me do so. Merge coming up. Two cars pass, I indicate as there is another car about 150-200m back in the right lane.. As soon as they see my indicator, they speed up, as they get closer they really deck it, and it's clear there is not enough room to make the pass. So they make the pass anyway! I'd guessed they might do this, so I had been slowing down, but didn't know they would botch it up soo badly. Bear in mind this only took about five seconds from realisation of a potentially dangerous situation to being in the gravel.
    Anyway, I didn't panic (gravel is fine so long as you don't ask much of it traction wise) and luckily there were not too many potholes in teh shoulder.
    There was really not too much I could have done. Road room was gone, braking was gone due to the gravel. Fortunately the shoulder was wide enough. Unfortunately there was armco, and it was too close for my liking!
    After she drove me off the road, she flipped me the bird. So she saw me.
    So, I followed this driver for a bit in the hopes they would stop somewhere, but they turned off. After my little incident, she proceeded to tailgate a Black Commodore ute for 10kms, travel through a 60 zone at 90 km/h and generally drive like a tool.
    Unfortunately for them, they were in a marked Hunter region Health services car, so I called their boss. He called me back later in teh day to let me know what had hapened etc. The driver (woman) flatly denied anything initially, but when her boss started throwing details of the incident at her, she confessed.
    I hope she gets confined to the office for a month or so.
    Her boss said it's very hard to get good drivers, how hard can it be to drive a family sedan safely, and how stupid can you be driving like that when your boss can be contacted so easily?

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. :LOL: Yeah it amazes me when people will drive like complete idiots in a car that has their business name, phone number etc written up the side. Have heard of people losing their jobs over things like that (makes the company look bad after all) so here's hoping she learns her lesson and drives a little more carefully (probably not going to happen though).
  3. good work for following up on it. I always mean to but by the time I get somewhere to write down the details, I have either muddled them up or forgotten half of the info - damn my silly memory!!! :LOL:

    I hope she learns something before hurting someone!