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the old teapot... suzuki gsx750f.. info please!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by enigma--, May 18, 2010.

  1. a search has failed to find much conclusive info on this bike... so thought id ask, though i dont see to many of them around...

    since i wrote off my hornet, and since im on first year apprentice wages, i have been looking around for my next bike! however, due to the wages, i cant afford to much, really :p

    i have discovered these bikes, the suzuki gsx750f, and have read a mixed bag of reviews. they seem to be cheapish, and from what i have read, pretty reliable, if not hardcore.

    so, just curious as to who has owned/ridden/tested one, and what info there is!

    thanks :)
  2. I almost bought one. reliable. old gsx750r engine.

    ugly as fark.

    cheap second hand
  3. My son-in-law owned one and loved it. I shortlisted the model when I was looking to upgrade about 10 years ago; ended up with the VFR but it was a close thing.

    Excellent bike in every respect. Bulletproof engine and running gear. Nothing flash but very competent.

    Just one caveat: servicing costs are a little more expensive than other bikes because the design of the fairing means that virtually all of it needs to be removed in order to do jobs on the engine. This can add up to 2 hours to a job so you'd need to factor that in.
  4. I'd go for an RF900R instead.
  5. Ultra-tough GSXR derived engine, decent (for its day) suspension, comfy, Suzuki engineering. Should be a good bike. My only reservation would be that the early ones were not so very far removed from the period in Suzuki's history when you had to learn to love the smell of boiling battery acid. Easily fixed by changing the rec/reg for almost anything not from a Suzuki though. Agree that plastic is a pain at service time, but I doubt if it's significantly worse than an awful lot of other fully enclosed bikes.

    I doubt if you'd regret a decent one.
  6. What's your budget?
  7. thanks guys, seems like a decent bike.

    wayned, looked at the rf900, looks pretty nice, but theres not many of em! haha.

    budget wise, cheap as possible, obviously, but with more time = more money, as i ave nothing to do but to save now, so looking at probably up to 6k. cheaper is good though :D
  8. RF900R in Canberra

    I test rode this a few month ago. It's been for sale for a while and is very clean and neat, with a sweet motor. Look up the specs and write-ups and you'll see that it's trumps the 750 in every way, and for the same or less money. The 750, to me, is pretty lethargic. Good in ways that everyone says, but not stellar if you shop around more for similar money.

    The GSX-F gains by there being many more around, but the RF for being so underrated and not well known.
  9. That's a good deal.
  10. Here's one. http://www.motorcycle-city.com.au/bikes.html I suspect it's the one that Luke owned, one of their previous staff-members (who I bought a bike off), but I could be wrong. I think the kms are higher but it looks well-looked after.
  11. thanks matt, i actually saw that when i read your post on that shop... i might go check it out when i have a saturday off :)
  12. Hi, just my two bobs worth seeing as I own a 2000 model, bought it with 8600 kms on it about 2 years back i think, now has 42 oddk on it.
    I do the oil changes, centre stand makes it easy, no plastic to remove at all, just unscrew the nut and piece of piss. Filter is a pain where is is, plugs, well plastic has to come off but you can do that yourself, just set yourself a couple of hours of tinkering. I have replaced chain and sprockets, still fires up, runs and floats very nicely, it is a comfy bike to ride. I have been thinking of selling mine as I want a more upright riding position and I had a cruiser before switching to the teapot. Ugly it may be to some but it's still my baby, and she's verrry reliable!! 20 litre tank should see 300 kms on the open road, this is the only bike i've had where you DONT have to swtich fuel tap off when you get off it [unless not using for a week or so] good luck with your search.
  13. cheers mate.

    if you are considering selling it, ill consider having a look at it :p

    thanks for the info though, good to hear it from someone who has owned one for a significant amount of time :)
  14. I have x2 in the family. 1997 model and 2006. Both great and reliable. It does everything I ask and a great all rounder. I'm 6ft 4 and the bike suits me compared with the shorter bikes. I find it easy to work on. Sure you need to remove the fairing but no diff than other bikes with fairings
  15. had today off (first saturday for a while + full time week work), went into motorcycle city, no more bike, lol.

    seems im gonna be saving up a bit more than id like for a bike... or spend what i want and potentially get a bike that needs work, etc.

    in other news, finally got a helmet this week n took the old mans 250 for a ride... feels so... mushy, haha.

    ramble ramble, guess ill go check out the cheap upgrade bike thread...
  16. If you go looking at dealers you almost certainly will be paying premium price for old tat. Private sale is where the bargains are. For example, the best deal I could get from a dealer when I bought last was a very reasonable $4990 for a good condition '97 VFR and others were dearer than that, but I got an even better one privately, for $4200.

    Look at allclassifieds.com, trading post, bikesales and ebay and make up a spreadsheet of all the "possibles" that you find. List things like mileage, condition, features, extras, rego, etc then you have it all on paper and you're not relying on how you "feel" so much.

    Narrow the list down to the few best ones, talk to the owners, test ride and decide.

    Main thing is, don't get discouraged. The bike you want IS out there, you maybe just have to cast the net a bit wider.

    Incidentally, I have never heard of the GSX750 being nicknamed the "teapot" Where did you get that from?

    The old GT750 water-cooled bike used to be called the "Water Bottle", but "Teapot" ?????
  17. I bought a GSX750F new in 1993 and owned it for 5 years and 40,000kms. The bike was trouble free, reliable and comfortable but fairly bland. Think of it as Suzuki's version of a VFR750 and you aren't far off.

    One point... they are a compact bike and suit shorter riders better than taller ones.
  18. thanks fellas.

    rc, is your vfr a 97? ive seen a few around for that sort of price :)

    the teapot? i just read a number of reviews and heard that people call it as such, thought someone might recognise it haha :p

    thanks zrx. pretty much sums up what ive read about them.

    im fairly in the middle at 6', so i dont need bikes that really suit shorter or taller riders :)
  19. If you look at the profile of the GSXF and squint a bit, it looks like a teapot. Sort of.
  20. Yeah, mine is a 4th Gen (1994-1997). And the GSX750F was on my shopping list when I was looking. But the Honda won out because it was a Honda and because of the V4 burble.