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The 'Old Road'

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by No KTM, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. For the love of my wife and my daughter I have decided yesterday was my last weekend ride on the Old Road

    I ride within my limits, others ride on the edge of theirs.

    We all have our own risk tolerance, I used to enjoy this road but the fear of the unknown (bullet proof talentless superhero) coming the over way has tipped the balance.

    I have loved ones waiting for me to come home, I aint doin that road no more..

    Must be gettin old
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  2. OK.
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  3. Its good you've stopped seeing her behind your wifes back. Affairs seem like fun at first, but can ruin your appetite for cuddles at home. Go spend time with your family, your days of meat fishing are behind you.

    If I've gotten confused with the subject matter then carry on.
  4. Good for you. Was it that accident yesterday that tipped u over the edge? Or did another rider rustle your jimmies?
  5. I've had my issues with the Old Road and I avoid at all costs on a Sunday due to the amount of 'tards with no skill and plenty of ambition.
    During the week in the daytime is not so bad.
    Having said that it's been a shocker of a time for it recently.
  6. Yeah you gotta pick your times up there.
  7. Definitely know what you mean. It's been getting worse since they resurfaced the run from the river up to PITS. Most of the worst riding IMO seems to be riders on litre sportsbikes who you would think should at least be able to stay in their lane.

    Saying that, we were up there yesterday afternoon (first time in months) and had a great ride. Only heard about the fatality when we got home later...
  8. I think it's pertinent to state at this point that none of the comments above are in any way meant to be taken as a criticism of our fellow riders who have fallen recently.
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  9. I have a love hate relationship with that bloody road. Some of my best memories of motorcycling have been on that stretch of road. I've seen numerous fatal crashes there and heard of countless more. My mate and one of our NR brothers was killed in an accident two weeks ago. I've been taken to court along with my mates and charged with criminal driving charges by a cowboy copper, took a year and a half and cost me 12.5 grand to clear my name. I've been trying hard to stay away, I've dropped down from going 80-100 times a year to 3-4.
  10. I know how you feel mate.

    a few years ago, I was riding the mountain roads nearby to me nearly every weekend.

    Then i started getting into track days.

    I went back and did a mountain ride after about a year of not doing one, and my number 1 fear, was some idiot coming around a blind corner and running wide.

    I pretty much stick to the track now :) I 'feel' safer, plus can go a lot faster, and not have to worry about cops, etc either :)
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  11. true i feel the same way..............

    i used to love Old Pac and used to do laps on my own in the middle of the night there..........had a few brown pants moments, near and actual wildlife collisions up there..........and one small accident going to Old Pac.

    Sometimes you gotta weigh up the fun factor and the danger factor..........for me I no longer find twisty road riding fun (compared to track days) and feel that its more dangerous than doing track days.

    So my last Old Pac lap was probably the one yesterday :(.........
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    Last edited: Mar 26, 2013
    I was up there on sunday morning when that bloke went down, even saw him at 7/11 moments before and was checking out his bike, he maybe left 15 mins in front of me (im fairly certain of this but only got a short look at the bike involved), it was a shocker of an accident. But what can you do, we all know the risks involved and accept them as a part of riding, maybe we just put them to the back of our heads and think that when we are buzzing past trees as 100kph cranked over that it wont happen to us, but every now and again a reality check is required. What happened to that bloke is tragic and my condolences goes out to his family and friends, some may be reading this post right now, im sorry for your loss.

    But if you have spent countless kilometers riding, to stop riding because you heard about someone going down is illogical, where you just lieing to yourself before then? or stupid? it has to be one or the other.

    Will it stop me riding the old road? definitely not, i have been riding there since my second outing on a bike, the only thing thats going to stop me is a 40kph speed limit and speed bumps before each corner, given the recent incidents, i imagine this is not that far away from eventuating.

    However i will say i do avoid going up there on a sunday morning, yesterday was an anomaly for me, i find saturday to have far fewer idiots. (this is not a comment on fallen rider obviously)

    Ride within ones limits, go to the track if you want to push them.
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  13. It's not necessarily lying to yourself, but it is a form of self-deception. I think you would be astounded by the number of riders on here who don't consider falling/crashing to be a part of riding and actually think they can completely avoid it - as though it only happens at their choosing.
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  14. i ride the old road every day i ride to work.
    i find it a more relaxed ride than the freeway in peak hour
    on the old road, i am (almost) the only one trying to kill me.

    i mainly keep to my limits but there are still brown trousers moments. without them, i would likely become cocky and have more chance of a decent crash.

    i do expect that i may come off one day, and it will likely be on that road, but thats not going to stop me riding it.

    if you stop riding a certain road BECAUSE there has been some recent fatalities (RIP Mav and Boof) you may as well stop eating because people have choked or had an allergic reaction.

    i am not having a go at anyone, and all respect to the families of fallen bretheren, but riding is not safe (in the grand scheme of things) but that is one of the reasons we do it, so we can remove ourselves from the bubble wrapped society we attend.

    you cant live if you are afraid of death.
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  15. The consequences of crashing may prevent one from riding or where they ride.................thats entirely dependent on the individual and their situations. For me whats the point of going fast on the road when the dangers of a serious crash is so much greater and the thrill is much less than track or dirt riding? Im not scared of crashing, ive done it a few times...........im scared of seriously f'ing myself up if I hit a pole, guard rail, oncoming traffic etc.

    As for eating, well people with allergic reactions normally avoid foods that they are allergic to...........As for not eating, well most people would rather take that very small chance of choking on their food than the 100% chance of dying from not eating.............
  16. Show me a 'safe' road No KTM....There ain't no such animal. Just like there's no safe set of stairs, or wet bathtub etc and on and on....We all know people who have died in the most useless and seemingly avoidable ways. I've been a fatalist since I got my first bike and realised if it's your turn to go there's not a a single, blessed thing you can do about it. Live it to the max....You only get one go....

    Kobo :cool:
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  17. Agreed Kobo, there is no safe road, however I have been riding on and off for 15 years and ride to work everyday. I recognise that some roads are definately safer than others and you CAN adjust the odds in your favor sometimes

    Like you said - You only get one go!
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  18. Thats part of the reason I moved over to Harley's and cruisers, was getting way to cocky on the r6, for me, accomplishment was leaving the old road alive after a good ride, then when I smashed the r6 and got away scratch free, that did it for me, get on a cruiser and cruise and enjoy the scenery, no more silly stuff, my sports bike days are finished, enjoying the cruiser life thoroughly
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  19. +1 to this @goz . You don't even need to have had a crash to realise that there is more than pushing the limits all the time. I cruise and I tour. I enjoy every moment I get on my bikes.
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  20. Having only been a rider for 18 months i still love the old road. It still scares the crap out of me and i always give it respect. On my 600 it is very fun. The feeling reminds me of my first 50 odd skydives and even though i know one mistake can be your last i keep going back. I know where u are coming from buddy as seeing so many friends die basejumping i sold my rig as i have 2 young girls who need a daddy in their lives right now.
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