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The old putty survival rate

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by barnacle, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. hey guy/gals
    Going to ride up to see my dad for his b-day on sat. Sydney to Port Stephens (bit past newcastle). Was think Putty rd sounds like a nice ride. Now my bikes a piece of shite and there's a lot of national park on that map. Wondering if i should pack a tent for my breakdown or what kind resources are along the way? Even take some suggestions for an kinder route?
    If its not half obvious im a useless l plater fyi.

  2. Whats your fuel range is anothe consideration, no fuel stops on the putty road for about 150kms. so fuel up at the start, apart from that it is a great ride
  3. where are you leaving from on Saturday and what time? the putty is a great road and it's surprisingly well maintained. While there are few places to find help, mobile reception is ok, or it's not far to walk before you get some. It's also a well travelled road so hitching a lift probably wouldn't be hard.
  4. Old Pac part of the way is an option. It'd be slow with the limits.
    Reverse of this: http://bit.ly/1cC1zct
    I'd probably head through Swansea and Belmont part into Newie, across Stockton Bridge and up to Port Stephens that way but it's just a preference when you've gotten that far.
  5. hmm nice point i get around 175 ks from the 15 lt on the zeal so might throw a milk bottle in my pack for my reserves reserve. Only one way to find out if i can make it, take off from stanmore round eight and give it my best crack.
  6. Shell at Wilberforce is your last option. If you're that tight on the tank I want you getting every last meter before filling up.
  7. Actually i think there is a country one a bit further up but I havent been up there in a year or so and my memory is awful.
  8. there is a servo a bit further up. I think it's called colo heights. Great food there aswell.
  9. Correct, Colo Heights has both fuel and food. And there's fuel and food at Bulga, so the maximum distance between fuel stops is more like 120kms rather than the 165kms between Wilberfore and Singleton.
    There's no phone reception in the Ten Mile, not even Telstra, but apart from that it's a great road, and a great ride.
  10. Mate that's terrible, you should be getting twice that. 15 lt will get me 230kms on a 750cc. Unless you're riding like an absolute legend you should look into it.
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  11. Ha ha yeah like i said its a POS. Its a petty conservative estimate think a worked it out at around 8 100km^-1 with city commute riding. The open road should stretch that out a bit ide say.
    From the sounds of it i wont be pushing for fuel anyhow. Seems like a pretty good ride so definitely give it a go. thanks for the advice guys
  12. FYI there's also a servo at Broke at the start of the Milbrodale road if you're coming from that direction. Putty Rd is loooong!
  13. The usual thing you do in terms of fuel is fill up at Wilberforce and then again at Broke. Stop at the grey gum cafe to manage your fatigue as well. It's before the road gets nice and twisty so it's good to have a full belly and a fresh mind for it. Best of luck, you'll love it!
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