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The old man wants a ride...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Somatic, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. Since I bought the CB and my brother the Ducati, the old fella is starting to feel nostalgic. He's a rider from way back in his youth and wants to get back into it. But there's a catch. He's a snobby p-rick and likes his BMW's. He's just recently gotten off his arse and got his L's so it's LAMS country for him.

    So enough back story, what's the verdict on something like the BMW F650 CS Scarver and Funduro? He doesn't like something that looks too much like a dirt bike, but, apparently, these two pass on that front. Do they perform like dirt bikes? Seeing as it's all adventure touring. I know, he's weird. If he could have his way he'd get an RS 1100, just to give an indication of his style. He used to have a R75/5 when he was a young lad back in the old country.

    Anyway, just some general thoughts on the F650 range

    Cheers guys

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  3. Yeah we were actually looking at that one this afternoon. That's the type of gear he likes. I think he wants something more modern. For that price you can get a of more bike. See he has the heart of a teenager but the head of a 55 year old.
  4. The scarver and the funduro have the rotax motor that goes forever. A guy I know rode his across Russia and Europe and its still going. If you can find one that has its services go for it.
  5. Rotax motor. The fact that it's a single thumper doesn't make it feel like a dirt bike?
  6. The BMW 650 singles are extremely nice to ride. I've ridden a few and they are a great adventure tourer and a good commuter.

    They also handle extraordinarily well in the twisties.

    If he owned an R75/5 he won't be satisfied with the same vintage R60 which was underpowered and under braked. A later R65 will be much better performing (better than his old R75/5 - since I put in thousands of ks on an R75/5 and have an R65LS I know what I'm talking about here) and can be found for several thousand less than was being asked for the R60.
  7. The ergonomics make it feel like a dirt bike. That's not a bad thing, under 80 the dirt bike position has a lot of advantages. Good sight, wide bars etc.