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The old blighty

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by maduncle, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. I have purchased my first bike that is not from Japan.

    I was actually looking for a VFR800 when I saw this, so I did some reading of online reviews and thought it looked okay. One review said that they can be a bit cramped for tall blokes, so being 6'2" is was concerned.

    Then bugger me - I am walking home and I see one outside the cafe near my place. So I saunter over and ask the helpful owner about the bike as I was looking at buying one. He offered me a sit on the bike and I fitted quite nicely.

    So I bought it - a 2001 Triumph TT600.


    45,000 and a bit kilometers on it, a minor tank scratch and a minor fairing scratch, otherwise in mint condition. The bike has been fitted with a Scorpion muffler, and it did have a few advertising stickers on it, so I cleaned them off. Those who know me let me reiterate..


    No - it will not become a TT bobber, or a 600 rat bike, or even a street fighter - this will remain a dead stock TT600.

    I have found it a bit twitchy in traffic, the throttle seems to only work at full twist and the bike coughs and hops at low revs, so I took it into Peter Stephen's this morning for a map check.

    They uploaded the latest tune and now the bike behaves like a proper English gentleman, with good even pull through the throttle, smooth riding at low revs and even a sweeter deeper exhaust note.

    The first real test of this bike will be a three day ride in February - can't wait.
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  2. I had one. Offloaded it about a year and a half ago. Same colour as well - Caspian Blue. Reasonably quick. Handles well and can be found very cheap. I hope yours serves you better than it did me. Stator, battery, speedo, fuel gauge....all within 2 months. Take it to Charlie at Turn One for your services. He knows the deal.
  3. nice buy maduncle but no modifying?? An outrage I say!

    Haha but it does look pretty in its stock form
  4. Yours had a fuel gauge?

    Where is it? I can't find it anywhere (and the PO said it doesn't have one).[DOUBLEPOST=1356597227][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Correct - no modifying.

    I have my bastard child WTF450 to satisfy my modifying urges, right now I am looking at how I can design the seat hump to take a 1959 Cadillac tail light...
  5. Sorry, not a fuel gauge. My fuel light. No speedo, no fuel light. Wasn't good.
  6. You'll mod it, no matter what you say now. We know it and you know it....
  7. Can I have a go? :peace:
  8. Nice bike. I would say old mate before you just slipped that can on and never tuned it in.
    If there original rotors they will need replacing soon. Triumph rotors sucked for a while... Buy a set of decent aftermarket rotors and good call on no mods.
    A modded bike will often get less on resale than a stock one, specially if you trade it in.