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The ol' problem: When your rego has a mind of it's own

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Bogus69, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. That's right. You know what I'm talking about.

    When some nice person points out that your rego is covering part of the number plate. Sometimes I think they have a mind of their own thos pesky little plastic rego holders!

    I am interested if anyone here has had their rego holder accidentally cover the number plate and subsequently been pulled over for it or attracted any other unwanted attention because of it.

    If so, what happened?
    If you have any sure fire ways of talking your way out of a ticket I would be interested to hear. (By PM is prolly best)

  2. Know of 2 riders in Sydney who've been pinged for it. Around a hundred something fine. No points.
  3. I moved mine to the chain guard
  4. One of my friends has had a few comments regarding it being attached to the outside of his numberplate (Not covering it) and was warned that "covering your numberplate is illegal and it can result in a similar fine to not having a plate at all".
  5. in NSW the rego label is to be mounted on the rear of the bike, next to or on the rego plate facing rearward.
    in Vic toria the label must be mounted on the left hand side ogf the bike , it doesnt have to be visable , just on the left hand side and only visable when asked to produce it .
    Mines under my esxhaust on the subframe unless you bend down and look under the exshaust you cant see it .
  6. Keeping it warm on cold days, Glen??? :p
  7. no where else to put it that it wont get in the way .
  8. My Rego's down on the chain guard, but I have a parking permit for work bolted to the numberplated.

    Just to the bolt up tight.. it ain't going nowhere.
  9. Cops are really hard on the rearward display of the label in NSW, as glen observed.

    I know of at least one guy who's bike was perfectly road-worthy and paper work in order but who got pinged for improper display of the label...
  10. It's not that I don't want my rego to accidentally cover the plate.... Just curious as to what happens when the cops notice it.
  11. Victorian police have been known to warn (and sometimes give tickets for) rego labels that are mounted centrally underneath the rear number plate (as they often are in NSW).

    Which leaves the problem of complying with one states regs and breaching anothers.

    I got pulled over and questioned about my rego label in NSW when I had it mounted to the LHS pillion peg bracket (which meets Vic regs). I basically said that mounting point meets vic regs... they said it doesn't meet nsw regs and I said I used to have it mounted to a hole in the middle of the number plate (and showed them the hole and told them a vic cop had told me to shift it).

    They looked annoyed then... and grumbled "we don't care... this is NSW... we can book you for that".

    I asked "well how do I comply with both?" and he looked more annoyed and "that's not my problem!"

    I had a small brainwave and asked if they would mind if it was mounted to the left hand hole on the number plate and they said no.

    So I shifted it and that's where it is to this day. I was pulled over for a random licence and rego check last year and the cop questioned the location of my label.

    I pointed out that the centre line of the bike was 'here' and the regs said the labels have to be mounted on the left side of the bike and that all of the label was on the left side of the bike, and explained what had happened earlier in Vic and NSW.

    I must confess the 2nd Vic cop was more human than the NSW one... he grinned and put his book away and let me go :)

    At least he could see the sillyness of having two contridicting regulations about the same label!
  12. I ride with my rego label accidentally covering my number plate all the time, it only obscures 1 letter but if I am goin through the m4 tolls I flick it over so that no letters are readable
  13. Have the cops had anything to say to you about it?

    Or does it move back and forth all the time ;)
  14. Havent been pulled up for it? I was riding in front of a police car the other night for about 5 minutes and they didnt pull me up for it!

    When I had the rego label in a more legal position I got a lecture from the cops because they couldnt see my L plate because I had it shove up behind the number plate and I just asked him exactly where else he propose I put the plate? On the side the wind snaps them off and if too far under the plate when you sit on the bike it rubs on the tyre. So they looked confused gave me a fine for speeding and left.....
  15. Of course in Victoria rego labels now have your registration number written in large print which apparently can be read in a speed camera photo - makes covering you plate with your rego label kinda pointless (also the reason why my rego label is now on the side of the bike, not the front screen).
  16. I dont think the numbers are big enough on the nsw rego stickers to be read by a camera? I don't speed past speed cameras anyways just in case, its mostly just for the tolls that I covered it
  17. I've never been asked about it. The er-5 has the sticker attached under the numberplate. The CB had it on the Right hand side, as does Dad's IZH. All passed roadworthy like that and the Cops have never questioned it. I guess i'm just lucky. Either that or the Cops know I'm just too damn cool to get a ticket. 8) :LOL:
  18. That or they just figured the CB wasn't capable of breaking the speed limit :p :LOL: .
  19. Mine's bolted to the swingarm, so speed cameras can do their worst!
  20. Just a suggestion, why can't we be as stupid as the law makers and lobby for the rego labels of all bikes to be stuck on the rear of our hemets and jackets and gloves and pants and fairings and mudguards and see through ones for our lights and visors, AW F**K it, why don't we all just roll over and die, sorry just reminds me of another law that the boys in blue can't seem to agree upon.