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The Official Stuff when buying a bike...?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by alex92, May 19, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,
    I'm in NSW and will be buying a bike probably next week.. Just wondering what paperwork will need to be done to transfer rego.. The bike still has about 6 months rego on it.

    Obviously I will have to organise CTP and Third Part Property (optional) before I ride it.. But how do you transfer rego over to my name form the existing owner?

    After doing a REVS check and checking out the bike myself, I saw that the current owner can fill out a disposal form on myRTA.. So do I have to do anything then?...

    I will also get the seller to write and sign a receipt for me just saying he's received X amount for X bike on (date)..

    Am I forgetting anything?

    Cheers guys!
  2. take the rego papers and receipt to the rta, fill out the transfer form, go to counter, give them the papers and pay your transfer fee (3%)

    u dont need a new green slip till you renew your rego
  3. So take his rego papers, and the handwritten receipt? Is the transfer fee 3% of the vehicle cost?
  4. looks like transfer of rego is only $27... RTA link
  5. 3% of what ever he writes on the rego papers that he gives you and reciept, plus the transfer cost, rta will give you new rego papers of the bike with your name on it so you are the official owner then

    little tip, people cheat by putting a cheaper price on the papers than what you actualy bought it for
  6. The renewal papers should be 2 part. Fill them both out with the seller. He sends the bottom half in (maybe online, but I deal in paper). You take the top to the RTA/shop front.

    $27 for the change of rego, plus stamp duty (eg $168 for my $5600 bike), plus an admin fee.
  7. cool guys, thanks alot. :)