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The official photo of your bike next to something BIG thread

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. Sled and i thought of this while on this weekends Alpine ride . . .

    Post a picture of your bike next to something BIG !!!

    I'll start it off . . . . .

    The Monster next to the Big Trout at Adaminaby. :grin:


    c'mon, there are heaps out there . . . .
    remember, it has to be something big to show your travels.
    (eg, Pineapple, Bananna, Lobster, Worm, etc . . . :p)
  2. darn - why didn't this start off BEFORE i left for overseas???? i woulda brung my bike if i'd known........ :?

    do pictures of me on other people's bikes in overseas places count???????????
  3. Re: The official photo of your bike next to something BIG

    Sorry, but I dont fancy having to deal with any gay riders knocking on
    my door due to a photo of God's gift I was born with. :p
  4. couldn't actually get the bike in this pic, but i'm in it in my bike gear at least

  5. I reckon that's good enough under the circumstances!
  6. WOOOO HOOOOOO (now to work out how to post a photo or two!!!)

    there's this one - in Ottawa - after the icehockey match between ottawa and boston - with me and my biatch....hehehehe:


    and then there's this one - in boston - pretending to take gus' bike for a spin:


    watch this space for the one i'll take tomorrow or the day after in new york on squad's bike..... :LOL:

    (ok - somethin didn't work - but i'm sure u guys can cut and paste.....)
  8. So who wants to ride to Bilpin this weekend ?

    Need to get a photo with the BIG FRUIT SALAD on Bells Line !!! hahahaha !

    Then down the Goulburn for the BIG MERINO
    Then to Frasers Homebush for the BIG MOTORCYCLE . . . ..
  9. ok, well i'm in new york, i've got the bike photo - but it'll have to wait til i get home before it gets uploaded i reckon.......

    good luck getting all the big stuff......
  10. not my bikes but hey had to add them any way

    sleddog next to the big wedge alpine motel bright

    rosie next to the big wedge somewhere out and beyond

    canberra and sydney crew in front of the 84km big cold road to khancoban

    :LOL: :p :grin:
  11. :rofl: at the wedge photos. :LOL:

    Micky - you still want one of the Giant worm? :LOL:

  12. LOL at the Big Wedge !!!

    yeah, Rosie . . Giant Worm is just down the road isn't it ??? :grin:
  13. Kind of. We also have a big koala.

    I remember passing that trout on my trip. Rode straight past it - saw it - thought wtf???! and then kept going. :LOL:
  14. Might be worth riding to Birchip for a pic with the Mallee Bull. Mind you, there's a whole lot of dead straight road between here and there so maybe not. :?

    He's got a fair set of knackers on him though. :LOL:

    Back when I lived in Donald there was briefly a plan to build a big duck as a tourist attraction (big duck shooting town). It was submitted as a joke with the idea that you could climb a ladder to the bill, then ride down a slippery slide and come out the ducks arse. :LOL: The council took it seriously but unfortunately they never built it. :(
  15. & an ass to match. :p

  16. bigger than the rockhampton ones MG... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    i've uploaded the bike photos from new york now too......in case anyone wants to see bikes in BIIIIIIIG cities!!!!!!!!

  17. after two days of tractor jokes with the boys on a weekend ride...

  18. Left to right, Woodsy's, Sue & Lou's bikes
    The big worm, Bass, Victoria.

  19.  Top
  20. heres some of mine.

    big prawn - Ballina NSW

    Ayers rock replica - NSW

    Big Dish - Parkes

    Big Banana - Coffs Harbour.

    More soon