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The Official OFARC thread

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Iffracem, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. Okey dokey, what started off as an offhanded remark in a couple of threads has grown a life of it's own.

    Gromit and I discovered we're kindred spirits, both returning to bikes @ the excellent age of 44, both chose that most excellent mount, The GSX250F "Across", Both seem to have a warped sense of humour, and taking ourselves seriously is just not on!

    So, we've created the Old Farts Across Riders Club... OFARC, and welcome all like minded netrider citizens to join us, within limits.

    Who can be a full member?

    Glad you asked.....

    A. You need to be at least of an age that your children (if you have them) could hold a valid Motorcycle License. Now, you don't actually have to have kids.... but continous practising towards that end is encouraged :wink:

    B. You need to be young at heart, either getting into the second, third or subsequent childhood, or better still, to never have grown up!

    C. You need to have an Across (duuuh)

    Associate membership can be claimed by:

    Anyone who qualifies under A or B, and used to own an Across
    Anyone who qualifies under B or C, and is succeeding in their attempts to become an OLD FART.
    Anyone who qualifies under A or C, and is willing to "get over it" and have a good laugh at themselves.
    Anyone who qualifies under A or B, and can suck up to full members by whatever method they feel fit, may be granted associate membership, if agreed by 3 full members.

    Our Ideal (one only)
    Everything is done in fun.

    Our Cry.... O- FARC!
    To be screamed lustilly each and every time that another OFARC is seen on their trusty Across

    Our song... "Goodbye Auntie Jack"
    From the Auntie Jack show, late of ABC tv (to you young people, it's a show like Fat Pizza, but on steriods)

    What do you get for becoming an OFARC?
    Bugger all really... A warm fuzzy feeling of belonging.... the rights to add OFARC member # in your sig.... .

    As it was my idea, I reserve the rights to OFARC member #1
    Gromit, his idea also,so he gets member #1 as well (hey... it was our idea o'right!)
    Brocky, he gets #3, and we all get to be "founding members"

    If anyone else wants to join our ranks, reply to the thread, I'll collate, allocate numbers, and update lists etc.

    "Founding" member status will be bestowed on all who join this weekend.

    Admins, Moderators, please kill this post if you don't like the idea.

  2. Oh how I wish the ABC would bring back Aunty Jack and Flash Nick From Jindivik.

  3. I've been everywhere man -

    I've been to Wollongong, Wollongong, Wollongong, Wollongong,
    Wollongong, Wollongong, Wollongong, Wollongong,
    Wollongong, Wollongong, Wollongong, Wollongong,
    Wollongong, Wollongong, Dapto, Wollongong...

    (Oh - and thanks for starting the thread, Iffracem!)
  4. A pleasure Mr Gromit! :D

    Shane, is that an or-fish-al request to be an OFARC?

  5. Just testing thed waters, but its been a long time since I have sung Farewell Aunty Jack.


  6. Ha! I sing the chorus at least once a week, just to give the young guys at work the shites! (make up most of the words, but they don't know!!)

    Oi'll rip yer bloody arms Orff!

  7. looks like the OFARC is going quiet after its initial start.

    I am an OFARC in training. Have the accros, kids are nearly teenagers, and always wanting to have fun.
  8. Hrrrm Spada tank size is 8 litres, this is pretty close to the Across, its also a two-fiddy :)
    My ms always talks to me like a child (young at heart).
    And my daughter is 18 (months), my little man is still waiting to arrive. But I'm sure they will both ride.

    So I have 1.5 out of 3 points.. is that close enough? :D
  9. I've not only BEEN to Wollongong, I LIVE in Wollongong
    My kids are old enough to have kids
    Fun? pfffft, it's the default setting
    Aunty Jack? I watched the lamingtons committing suicide off Sublime Point Lookout

    Across? I've seen a few.......
  10. I reckon it's because the founders are lookin' at trading up from their handbags... :wink:
  11. or alzheimer's has set in and they've forgotten they started it..... :D
  12. Started what? :-k

    :LOL: :p :LOL:

    No matter what age your kids actually are...are you old enough to be a parent of kids who'd be old enough to ride?

    That's the main criterion, right JJ?
  13. There's even some here old enough to be a parent of kids who are old enough to have kids who are old enough to ride... :LOL:
  14. An across too tail end Charlie :shock: You should submit a position as a director on the OFARC board :p At least it's not teal :wink: BTW , welcome :D

    What happened to the original OFARC???????????

    The 'A' didn't stand for 'accrross er down, no, I know, up, no, down, that was it, or was it? Anyway, the OFARC badges we have have nothing to do with any particular bike as I remember it. :?

    Being (G)OFARC #3 in that lot, I will be miffed :evil: if someone else has that number just because they don't have enough sanity to not have one of theose lawn mowers on wheels with handbag attached.

    What, just what is going on?? :evil:

    Is it because the Sydney siders are mating with the Tassies that this is happening??

    Explain yourselves. :twisted:
  16. Well...I think the "A" did originally stand for "Across", but JJ was persuaded to loosen things up a bit and let in the hoi polloi - er, riders of other machines.

    So the acronym now stands for Old Farts of Australia Riders Club, rather than the original Old Farts Across Riders Club.

    Or something like that. :)
  17. i have forgotten my number ?
  18. Knowing you groberts , it's probably 69 :shock:
  19. You silly old codgers......

    This was my first attempt at creating an exclusive club for old farts...
    While the inimitable Gromit joined in quickly (Strange man Gromit, has the good taste to get an Across as a first bike, but spoils it by getting a teal one :shock: )

    I had applied too small a focus and quickly expanded my horizons....
    as such THIS THREAD was conceived...

    and a magnificent thread of huge proportion followed.

    Anyways, GO HERE for OFARC goodness

  20. Mind you, judging by Brians reaction most of the members are a cross lot anyway <obligatory groan inserted>

    :cry: :cry: