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the office prank, what have you done?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by D Stump, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. dont know if i posted this already. if so, then no one here plays pranks.

    when i worked in physical containment level 2 [genetics lab] 4 other employes and i had a room each along a corridor.

    because it was PC2, a very large pipe ran thru all the rooms.

    the girls and i decided to prank the only fella under the roof. we convinced him a matainance guy died in the pipe. we played tricks on him to make him think odd things were happening.

    my room was next to his so we made a long pipe out of coat hangers that stretched thru the tunnel and into his room. i made scratching sounds with it.

    we had him shaking at the knees, he even set up a meeting with the administrator to discuss the 'ghost' in his room.

    i was all up for letting him do it [cause he's a dumb idiot] but the others convinced him not to.

    you know, cause then he would have found out a matainence guy never died in there.

    so what have you done?
  2. The best office prank I have ever played was packing my desk and walking out, after finding an advertisement for MY job on the network printer, and signing it and leaving it on the boss' desk. Great satisfaction factor :LOL:.
  3. yeah, paul, your post is missing some text, between here

    and here

    you know, the part that would say ' i blew his car up' or 'did hid wife, took pics, and sent them to his and her mothers' or 'deliberately arranged for a friend to get the job and cause massive finantual loss', you know, something 'satisfy'n' [tee hee, im such a biatch!]
  4. Did a similar thing Paul, but provoked the dumb boss in a fit of anger into firing me in front of some witnesses....worst $5k mistake he ever made! (severance pays etc) :LOL:
    Later heard he had to borrow the money to pay me too!

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Actually, am a bit of a prankster. Used to have a really absent minded boss, used to pick tools up and move them around on him....that was funny shit!

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. I DID promote an office prank for someone else too.

    We met some South African guys really late one night while fishing, and they were complaining about their new sales manager; sales were down, people were leaving and the company was going out backwards, but the boss loved the guy.

    So I suggested that they post the bozo's resume on some websites and get him out of the place; they were delighted with the idea and seemed genuinely serious about doing it :LOL:.
  7. We have had pest problems in my place of work.
    The other day my boss (50+ woman) was telling me how terrified she is of these mice. By later that day I had assembled a fake mouse onto some fishing wire and sat it at on the floor waiting for her to enter the room. Pulled it towards here and she ran, screaming like a 5 yr old! Better reaction than I expected!
  8. I pulled about one of those long wrist rests. (it's about 40cm long & 8cm wide) when you pull off the outer layer, it's just like a big stretchy 'sticky hand'.
    So, I through it up at the ceiling above my mates desk, and it stuck there, and stayed there.
    About 5min later he comes back from lunch, and sits down at his desk. Another 2-3mins later..... BAM...followed by a loud "What the F@ck?".

    It fell right on his head. Very, very funny.
  9. ^^^^ oh these are great!

    typhoon wrote

    very funny andrew!
  10. When I worked for an IT shop we used to mess with the sales guys. My personal favourite was remotely changing the startup tone on his PC to the theme song of whichever team beat his on the weekend, he got pretty paranoid about that one. It freaked him out even more when he started taking his laptop home on the weekend and it would still change to the new song when he logged on Monday morning (this was the only thing I really liked about active directory).

    Other classics included rotating his screen 180 degrees, changing the X & Y axis of his mouse and a random shutdown script that never gave any useful warning before it took effect.
  11. tream? u mean football team? i didnt know they had songs.

    howz this for lyrics [no offence]

    im a meat head hear me roar

    without the football, i could not score

    scrag and skank is all i can get

    nothing else has shown interest yet

    i am meathead, i am meathead, hear me roar! [and fail to score]

    quoof the raven 'nevermore'


    active directory ay? that sounds like fun. obviously the guy knew nothing about putors, that would av really spun him out!

    cheers :cool:
  12. Used to prank my workmate all the time. Soooo much stuff its hard to remember...

    * Re-arranging random letters on his keyboard.
    * Clear tape over the earpiece on the phone on his desk.
    * Tomato sauce on the earpiece on the phone on his desk.
    * Removing trackball from his mouse.
    * Sticky tape on the bottom of his new optical mouse.

    One of the best ones i got him with was done though microsoft word. In that program you can have word substitutes so when you type one word, the program automatically replaces it with another. ie: everytime he typed his name, MS Word would replace his name with something ive typed in. Usually something dirty. :) I still remember the first time one of his customers questioned him about a quote he sent out. Was his fault. He shoulda checked it first!
  13. hmmm, microsoft word ay?

    you know, the cops could use that when beating a confession out of the innocent. they get people to put their story into written words because they are sure fire ways to tell if a person is lying thru the way the word it.

    if the change the persons name 'susan' to 'i confess, i killed susan', then they would have got their guy 'fair and square', as always :wink:

    very funny stuff!

    i bet he got the sh!ts with you. I BET HE GOT YA BACK! what was it? laxative and a thin layer of glad wrap under the toilet seat?
  14. I used to throw fire crackers around at work.
    People would be doing their thing, working in there little area and then BANG!.
  15. Workmate was being a tedious git about his supa-dupa all singing, all dancing featherweight titanium pushbike.

    So, over the course of a few days, we filled the frame with fine lead shot from the stores.

    It's amazing how much lead you can fit into a mountain bike without the owner twigging :p .[/i]
  16. patb wrote

    i love this ^, hope you dont mind, im a gunna steal it from ya :LOL:

    tis a pitty he didnt notice the wieght of all that lead. maybe a couple o feathers would av made the difference :LOL:

    good one!

    cheers :cool:
  17. No problem. Use it as you wish :) .

    I didn't say he didn't notice. He just didn't twig why his home-work commute time was going up or why he was more knackered than he should have been.

    Trouble was, when he found out, he was that bit fitter when he came after us :grin: .
  18. ROFLMAO!
  19. Used to work in a workshop that was one of two under the same roof, divided only by a colorbond wall. From the front of each factory a glass window office protruded. We used to call them on the phone, listen for them to come running from the back of the factory until the footsteps went quiet as they entered the carpeted office, and then hang up. Hours of entertainment right there, took them forever to realise it was us.
    Then, when they were working next to their back roller door, we made a Oxy/acetaline bomb and set it off right outside the roller door :LOL:

    F#ck that thing was loud!
  20. I put some garlic powder in the coffee. :p

    Everyone was wondering why the coffee tasted weird for 2 weeks.