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The Off NADS thread.

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Dirty TRiX, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. Guys, I think the NADS thread is probably too important for a lot of people for it to get locked (me included).

    As such, can we migrate the chitchat about mechanical devices, sunscreen and Wendy's early morning clothing habits over here?
  2. Because, of course, I am finding the whole thing someone distracting, amusing and a hell of a lot of (kind of clean) fun.

    It also leaves only one thread needing moderator review :D
  3. good idea...

  4. lets just say they plug into the wall [none o that AA battery stuff for me. pift]

    yes, i have had an electric shock that blew the power out [still good tho]

    stump it up
  5. Nothing worse than when the batteries run out... 240v all the way.
  6. yeah and none of that 9volt crap either, they're just a hair line above the AA
  7. How many times are we going to through this crap with the NADS thread?

    If there is stuff in there that shouldn't be in there, a. don't post it, b. report it.

    Soon we'll have a forum complete with NADS threads. Surely there is at least one adult in that thread?
  8. Guilty as charged.

    I guess from the NADS thread there's a fair amoung of emotions bubbling to the surface. Because of that people tend to

    a) try and break the ice with a little humour that may not be appropriate
    b) make postings for reasons without good judgement

    No question, that was getting a fair way off topic at the time I moderated a couple of my posts and tried to pull it back into line. I thought I was doing the right thing by moving the "chatter" from what is really a pretty important thread - I dont have the ability to moderate people's posts.
    "Dobbing" to site admin isnt really my style, and *I* wasnt offended anyway.

  9. vic, that NADs part of the menu you speak of sounds like a good idea :grin:

    it's ok that you moved the chat because it's not NADs related.

    as most of you may be aware, i dont give a rats ar$e when it comes to people who get offended easily. it's because of those people who have never suffered anything close to a severe ordeal in their lives that television has censorship during adult hours.

    the internet hasnt got there yet and many many people are working very hard to keep it that way.

    people should learn how to deal with the little things in life they don't like. it's not hard. don't make it my problem. dont bring entire systems down to what makes you happy.