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The Obamassassination poll.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. He'll be ventilated before the election.

  2. He'll win the election but get capped before he swears in.

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  3. He'll swear in as president but won't last a week.

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  4. They'll top him before a year's out.

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  5. Two years, max, before Biden takes the reins.

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  6. Some whacko will shoot him before the 2012 election.

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  7. Caps will be popped in his ass before his second term is out.

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  8. He'll live a long and healthy life, changing the world's opinion about redneck yanks forever.

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  1. Yes, I agree this thread is in poor taste.

    The vast majority of the world, and it would seem a massive majority of Americans, want Barack Obama elected president. He seems like the first grown-up, intelligent, down-to-earth, wise, thoughtful, and inspirational political figure to come out of that wretched shithole of a country in decades. He's on the verge of taking a historic election victory.

    But everybody knows what happens to people who speak of peace and unity and rise to positions of power and influence... They end up with a bunch of holes in them. Jesus, Ghandi, Lennon, Lincoln, Kennedy, Luther King... Obama has a target on his back the size of these blokes combined as he tries to wind down the war against the wishes of the military-industrial complex, and walk around being president with that darkish skin all over him.

    Like Eddie Murphy said, the first black president's going to have to be one agile dude to dodge all the redneck bullets. Barack's a pretty mean ball player and a fit bloke, how long do you think he'll last?
  2. He has to get elected first.

    Americans say lots of things to pollsters, but they don't have to vote.

    More people will vote to STOP a black man becoming President in the first place than will do something to him if he gets in.

    {And Jesus' death was a voluntary sacrifice, not a political or religious assassination :wink:}.
  3. You missed “There will be more attempts than any previous president, whether they are successful or not could be an other matterâ€
  4. Very poor taste! But that's what's so good about it!
  5. He may have willingly submitted to death, but he was executed because he posed a threat to those in power at the time. The high priests at the time wern't really thrilled about his 'son of God' statements nor references to him being the 'king of the jews.' If he could back up that talk with action they would stand to lose a stack of credibility (and money). Killing him was the best option to maintain their authority over the people (and comfortable living standards). I'd say you'd be hard put to suggest it wasn't political.

    Loz, why is there no option for "Accidently arrested for stealing a presidential vehicle"?
  6. I think there'll be a number of attempts of varying levels of seriousness (i.e. more serious than the couple of pissed and dope-and-pox-addled redneck loons who have been arrested so far), but hope and pray that the Secret Service will do its job right and he'll serve out two terms and pass on a healthy America to another sane President.
  7. I think he'll quickly grow bored of politics and go back to niche p0rn 'acting'.
  8. Bastard Sean I had to explain to the missus why I just burst our laughing loudly! :rofl: :rofl:
  9. Fair enough too. It wasn't that funny.
  10. I will laugh my ass off if he gets in. I hope he does. I just wanna see the look on all the red necks faces if he gets in.... Man i hate yank rednecks...
  11. :LOL: @ funny title.
    :LOL: @ Twainharte's picture.
    :LOL: @ Seany's arrested option.