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The Obama Inauguration

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. My favourite moments:

    - "We will restore science to its rightful place, and wield technology's wonders" I nearly jumped out of my beanbag in joy.

    - Seeing Dubya get in that chopper and fly off to Texas where he can be put out to pasture.

    - Watching Barry and 'Shell walk half the way to the white house.

    - Seeing the poor buggers sit there and look impressed through 2 hours' worth of marching bands in -3 degree temperatures.

    - "a man whose father 60 years ago would not have been served at a restaurant, stands before you to take oath"

    Plus watching my uni mate Sandeep on the telly for Sunrise as a rep for the Aussie Democrats.

    Enough with the partying already though, I want to watch this bloke roll the sleeves up and see if he can deliver more than a stirring speech.
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  3. Replayed it via the BBC site. Awesome day.

    Now, if only Kev could learn to speak like that. In time like these, we need people who can inspire. Kev sounds like an accountant doing a motivational speech.
  4. Sieg Heil!!!

    Reminded me much of old nazi rally footage, Adolf and Obama both very charismatic speakers bolstering national pride, promising to lead the true believers to a new utopia.

    Also media now reffering him to being the first African/American president (originally a term used to PC the word Negro) when in fact he is no more African American than Hitler was German.

  5. Kinda cool watching a Bankrupt country spend how many millions on really SFA......

    Some items we purpose built for hte day and are then going to be demolished.....fantastic. Great use of valuable resources.
  6. i got the impression that the underlying tone of parts of HIS speech was addressing the incompetence of GWB and co.

    cheney in a wheelchair! pahleese.

    "GTFO, NAO!"

  7. I didn't like it, it interupted my cartoons!! :evil:
  8. The missus's old man reckons he's the anticrhrist.

    He is pretty damned charismatic :LOL:
  9. But he's not named Damion, though to be safe we could shave his head and look for 666 in a circle.
  10. Well, given that his father from from Africa and he's American, you can't really get much more African American. Although it is interesting that all the focus is on the fact that he's half black. Why not mention that he's half white? :twisted:

    And you know what they say about brining up Nazis in any debate...
  11. It's racist of course. Just like white activists, but black activists are fine.
  12. It's been said that when people are practising their bigotries and espousing their racist views, they rarely mention that a person is half white. They ALWAYS focus their hate on the part that is black.

    Leaders are leaders for many reasons. Here, we seem to elect people with little or no charisma. I've only had a few good managers and those that have impressed have inspired. It's great to have ideas, but you need to inspire people to achieve their potential. And Obama seems to possess the charisma that inspires people to achieve.

    Kev, for all his positives, really is a wet blanket.
  13. Say it loud, I'm white and I'm proud!

  14. I think it's a great moment and i hope he can deliver and make change as per his speaks. Imo this change couldn't come soon enough. :)
  15. When you think of what the US went through to separate itself from the British Monarchy it's kinda ironic to think they're recreating virtually the exact same thing.
    It's the US congress that's supposed to run the country, not the President.
  16. Am i the only one here who thinks bush is alright? I mean sure he was an idiot and right wing but he was effin hilarious!
  17. Bush was the equivalent of having testicles growing from your forehead.
    F*&kin hilarious when it's someone elses problem, just plain embarrassing when they're yours.
  18. But that's just what Australia needs; a President as well as a Parliament :roll:.

    Americans have sold their souls to the black lobby; now watch them squirm as they find out the price.
  19. What exactly is the "black lobby"?
  20. The entrance of a hotel for goths?