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The Nudging Ghost of South Sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by David@DHill, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. I'm riding south on Burrows Road in Tempe yesterday about 3pm, slowing down for the red light before the right turn into Ricketty Street toward Sydney Airport. As I get to within 30-40 meters of the intersection, something or someone nudges/pokes me behind my left shoulder.

    What the ..? What the hell was that?

    I pull straight to the side and look around. There's no-one there, not even any cars following me. There's no breeze. I feel around behind my shoulder for flaps on my jacket that are loose. Can't feel anything.

    How bizarre. I rev and start to pull back into the lane.


    Very concerned, I stop again, get off the bike, take off my helmet and jacket. I examine the jacket closely, but nothing is amiss. There's still no-one around, very few cars, and no nearby bushes that some nutter could be jumping out from behind to poke riders as they go past.

    But I felt something, so what to do? I have no idea, so I stand there for several seconds, completely confused.

    Out of ideas, I get back on the bike, and start to move.


    Now I'm doubting my sanity. Could yesterday's off have affected my brain somehow? Hope not! And I don't believe in ghosts, particularly not ones who spend their time outdoors around industrial estates on bright sunny days.

    I angle one mirror toward my shoulder where it's occurring, hoping to catch a glimpse of something, and slowly accelerate toward the intersection. After a couple of seconds the mirror is filled with movement – NUDGE – and I see a mass of black and white feathers disappearing upward.

    It's a damn MAGPIE! One with a particular thing for motorcyclists, but amazingly seems to only go for ones who are moving. He/she never touched me when I was stationary or off the bike. I laughed so hard when I realised – it would have looked so funny to anyone watching, with my futile attempts to work out what was going on.

    Maybe I'll go back there and get a friend to film a recreation for YouTube or Funniest Home Videos.
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